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Does Cephalexin Cause Increased Sensitivity to Sun Exposure?


suzanne66 26 Jul 2010

Cephalexin does not have increased sensitivity to the sun as a listed side effect, unlike some antibiotics .
You will not need to take extra precautions to avoid sunburn during sun exposure although it is always important to follow everyday sun safe techniques to reduce sun damage to your skin.

For more information on side effects:

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mikeheyt 1 Aug 2017

This information is incorrect. There are case reports of photosensitivity to Cephalexin. Most common in females between 45-60. Quote from patient:
“... I was out in the sun for half the day doing some work outside, and I got horribly burnt and a bad sun rash. So just try to avoid the sun while on this medication... ”

Premuti 26 Nov 2018

Yes it is sun sensitive! I am a 54 year old female and just completed 2 courses of 10 capsules and got bad skin rashes and sunburn from sun exposure. GPs and other doctors need to be aware of this so information can be given. free discount card

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