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What does PMP stand for in medical records?

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kimmcg 17 July 2019

I just came from my pain management doctor. He said it stands for Prescription Monitoring Program, which is a computer database that can see where all of the narcotic prescriptions you have filled in the past few yrs, to make sure you aren't filling prescriptions at different pharmacies.
Your primary doctor is called your "PCP" (Primary Care Physician) sometimes also referred to as a GP (general practitioner).

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Pamhughes728 2 May 2019

Patient monitoring prescriptions

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b80m4rl 21 May 2011

My girl works in a doctors office and said the letters PMP in her experience are short for "primary medical provider"

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DzooBaby 20 May 2011

Give it to me in the sentence Michelle. PMH is usually past medical history and there are others. I cant think of what PMP refers to off hand but if you can use it in context for me I can probably figure it out. It might be past menstrual period? I need the context to be sure. there are many medical acronyms.

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MichellePerez1027 5 June 2011

well in some of the text it did refer to PMP as my Dr... it was talking about my narcotics. like "i checked her PMP and it doesnt appear she is getting anything from other Drs or anything off the street"... i signed a pain contract that said he can test me at anytime and he said he did once but... he never took blood and i never gave a urine sample. is there a way they can check that idk about or was he lying lol. he told me when i signed it that he didnt think id do anything wrong with them. and he is still an intern Dr so kinda new. i actually think im the 1st person he has prescribed narcs bc he doesnt know about thhe converting chart and actually wanted to start me out on Methadone for my 1st ER!

Tricia214 11 Oct 2016

Pmp stands for prescription monitoring program when it's used referring to narcotics. The doctors have to make sure you aren't getting scripts from multiple doctors. There is a database where they can see every single narcotic prescription for each patient. With the opioid crisis, they are required to take precautions to ensure that you are not abusing the medications. free discount card

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