My wife was recently diagnosed with TMJ after 6 months of trial and error by several doctors and dentists. Her main dentist has been prescribing her pain medicine for most of the 6 months. After he did everything he could for her teeth including 3 root canals, an extraction and a bone graft, he referred her to an oral surgeon who removed 4 impacted wisdom teeth.
We got medicine from this Doc in a small shady cash pharmacy since we were 3 hours away from home. She was still having pain and now her dentist thinks she is after pills and was lying about pain since he can't seem to fix her.
We found a GOOD physician who was an ENT and recognized her symptoms to be TMJ just by cracking her jaw with his hand. So we are on the 3 doctor and he gives her a script which we filled at a 24 hour pharmacy because our regular was closed and tells her to see a dentist again... After all these doctors including the handful of trips to the ER afterhours because of pain and scripts at different pharmacies I am worried she has been labeled or marked as a pill seeker.
She is in no way a drug abuser and always takes the medicine as directed. We are talking about someone who went through 3 child births with no epiderals, spinals and took 600mg motrin after she was sliced from hip to hip...
It seems like the more she went to different doctors and pharmacies "which was out of our control" the more doctors have been avoiding giving her narcotics. They used to give it out like candy and now they give everything but... If she has been flagged, is there anyway to remove it?
It's making things much harder for our personal lives and our business. She had to go through the withdrawl symptoms once already and detoxed on her own, it was a nightmare and took weeks after her first dentist just cut her off cold turkey after she had been taking 7.5 hydrocodone everyday for the last 6 months. She wouldn't be taking this stuff if she wasn't in so much pain, she is always worried about taking more than the maximum daily dose and has never taken more than directed. How do I get rid of this history or flags and make these doctors realize she is not pill seeker? She is just looking for a solution that apparently 8 years of med school isn't enough to solve in this day in age..