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What classification does Soma fall under? Is it a benzo, an opiate, etc?

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Inactive 26 Aug 2009

It is a muscle relaxer and it has a sedative effect as well. Got to Drugs A to Z just under the logo at the top of the page and look it up and it will explain everything. You should never take tranquilizers (benzodiazepines) or drink while taking Soma or any muscle relaxer. It will intensify it and possible stop your heart.

moonerc 27 Aug 2009

I don't think you understand what I am asking about it's classification. When performing a drug screen, drugs show up under certain categories. example Percocet will show up as opiates, valium and xanax will show up positive as benzodiazipine's (benzos), marijuana shows up as THC, etc, etc. I want to know if a person was using Soma what category would it show up positive as on a drug screen??? I am going to perform a urine screen on my teenage son and I believe he has been using Soma as well as smoking pot. I just need to know what it will show up as. Also by the way you called tranquilizers benzos in your answer to me, that is incorrect. Tranquilizers are classified as barbituates! I do realize that benzos can have "tranquil" effect but thay are not classified as such. They are mostly prescribed as "nerve" pills or anti-anxiety meds if you will. Can someone please help me out with my question in regards to Soma please?

callieberry 5 Dec 2010

on my drug test, it showed that soma was a barbichuate or however thats spelled.

lab girl 27 Oct 2011

this is a little late but Soma is a Carisoprodol and is not going to come up under benzodiazepine

pete kleinfieldt 9 Jul 2015

what classification does soma fall under ???

Mcfly0924 19 Apr 2017

Soma is a barbiturate... interestingly enough... it's in the family of barbiturates

Mcfly0924 19 Apr 2017

And by the way will show up positive for barbiturate on a drug analysis...

Jgreen53 2 Mar 2017

Soma is an analgesic muscle relaxer. Schedule 4. ;) free discount card

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