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What are the medicines that contain methamphetamine?

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MaryWMagnoline 20 Oct 2017

Advil, Aleve, and another popular name drug stores also sold, also anything that contains the direvitive Amphetamines certain pain relief medications are over the counter because those brands only use a tiny amount that is allowed by law and is not enough to get an adult to trip out on but helps stop aching.

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htwooh 10 July 2010

Desoxyn is considered methamphetamine.

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Inactive 9 July 2010

No, the first post is incorrect, no medication contains methamphetamine, its a street drug that is made from cooking things like bleach, red sulfur, lye and God only knows what else together to make a completely volatile, unstable and dangerous substance.

If youre asking 'what medications contain AMPHETAMINES' (as in amphetamine salts and things of that nature) then the first post would be correct; Ritalin, adderall, concerta, vyvance etc. Google it and you can probably find a whole list of them

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Film-I-AM 20 July 2017

I just love how you had to make it so clear for everybody when we obviously knew that already. Thanks doctor Dick.

Fightfire76 7 days ago

Yes there are medications that contain methamphetamine and the are used for ADHD and memory after stroke and traumatic brain injury. Research before you post so you dont look ridiculous.

Inactive 9 July 2010

Adderall,vyvanse,ridlin,and concerta all contain amphetamine similar to the street drug methamphetamines(speed).

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christineATU 9 July 2010

Very true mrspage! All the c***p they use to manufacture meth is ridiculous. I think they even use drano and anti-freeze! Even knowing the stuff they use to make it, people still use it. Most pharmacies now keep the cold remedy meds behind the counter and you have to sign for them. I think it's as addicting as H and just as hard to come off of. free discount card

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