Can anyone answer these questions for me or help me find someone who can. I started 150mg 1a day a week ago sence then im eating everything I can get my hands on and that worries me. Is it a side effect that will fade? I dont need to gain anymore weight. Secondly ive noticed im more calm but my mind is always thinking and im still thinking sucidal thoughts as well as my mind is still thinking suspicious things it never stops. Anyone know when the meds kick in? I should tell u I was put on this med for these reasons agter having 2 psycological exams... severe maniac depression. ..OCD... Anxiety not yet specified ... sucidal thoughts and tendencies. ..and just was told bipolar due to its the same as maniac depression. ..I dont know if thats true but any information will help... and lastly is their a web site where others like me can talk share things??? Thank you ... hurting inside out :(