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Does Wellbutrin lose effectiveness after taking for 10 years?


NoMoreApples 15 March 2016

It is very possible that it has stopped being effective for several reasons. The length of time, tolerance to the dose you take, and other factors. When Wellbutrin stopped working for my depression I was switched to Effexor ER. I have been on Effexor ER for a couple years now, and it's still working for me. You really should talk to your Doctor and ask what they suggest. It might help to keep a note with list of the reasons you think the Wellbutrin is not longer effective (Any symptoms that are coming back), side affects, and/or any new symptoms you are having! It really helps the Doctor to narrow down the right medication for you! Hope this helped and Have a Wonderful Day!

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janiebme 14 March 2016

Dear Philemon-
Sometimes after taking an antidepressant for a long period of time, it can stop working. I have heard that it just 'poops' out. This is not just with Wellbutrin. I was on Wellbutrin for many years and it stop working. I have anxiety, so upping the dose was not an option. I went off of it for months to see if it would start working again. It has but not as effective as before. But better than nothing. I have heard that you can add another antidepressant like Abilify to boost the effectiveness of your AD. This is something to talk to your doctor about.
Hope this helps.

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