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Wellbutrin IR? anyone taken Wellbutrin IR and if so how is the different in effect from SR or XL?

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Mariabou 11 May 2018

Wellbutrin IR is the only formulation that works for me. I cannot tolerate the side effects of the SR and XL versions. Both make me so fatigued I'm tired after walking up a flight of stairs (and I am otherwise very healthy). The IR version does not cause this side effect. I do take a low dose of only 75 mg/ day (split in two 37.5 doses) so that may be why the difference in side effects. I am unusual in that I don't like the XR or SR versions of any meds. I took adderall XR and has the same side effects as with Wellbutrin. With the IR version, I felt great. It must be something with my body chemistry as I know that isn't typical. I also like the idea of having control how much of a stimulant my body is getting at one time, since it really doesn't always need to be the same (some days I might need more than others). That said, I think the twice per day dosing of the IR is an issue for some people and is why more people seem to take the longer acting versions.


If they don't give you intolerable side effects then the XL or SR versions would probably work just as well and be more convenient.

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Danish di 11 July 2018

What type of problems do you have with XR & SR? Just started IR, as sensitive to ER of anything.
Did you find you had some side effects in the beginning that went away?
I’m restless, brain seems forgetful, heart seems like racing. It’s only been 6 days, but know it’s the Wellbutrin. I’m trying to ride it out, as I’m really desperate & out of options. Any info & envoragnent appreciatd. Danish

cgpd4376 11 Dec 2020

Mariabou, have you ever spoken to the doctor about this? I began Wellbutrin SR the first week of September, first at 75 mg for a week or two and graduated from there up to 350 mg, ending with Wellbutrin XL. When I was taking the SR, I only had some very minor side effects. I'm not sure that Wellbutrin is the culprit of my new symptoms, but the second week of November I thought I might have COVID because my fever, sore throat, and mild headache turned into a massive headache and MAJOR nausea. However, I tested negative, and by the following week all of my side effects were gone, except the nausea, which has been persistent. So, the timing of everything was just coincidental, but I also began spotting and have been for nearly three weeks now. I rarely have stomach issues and I've never spotted before in my 25 years of having my period, but when I looked at the side effects of Wellbutrin one listed as common is menstrual irregularities.


When the nausea first started, more often than not it didn't come on until mid to late morning, so I thought it was the vitamins I had begun taking so I stopped taking them. Now, I'm wondering if it's the Wellbutrin that I take in the morning. I thought if anything the SR would have fewer side effects since the XL, since it's being released more slowly, but with your comments now I really do wonder if it's the Wellbutrin! It's the only thing that's different with me.

chuck1957 28 July 2017

Thanks Gmc THAT IS VERY CLEAR. AND THIS IS WHY THE IR IS REALLY NOT USED THAT MUCH BECAUSE THE OTHERS ARE VERY CONVENIENT. And easy to take. plus not having to remember every 4 to 6 hours which most of us can't lol have a good weekend all

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Inactive 28 July 2017

Hiya Chuck, good to see ya! Hope you're feeling good.

Inactive 28 July 2017

Hi Luke!
Bupropion IR is usually taken 2 or 3 times per day with 4-6 hours between doses. Wellbutrin SR means that the dose of Bupropion is slowly released into the body throughout the day with the goal of maintaining a constant drug concentration in the bloodstream. Wellbutrin XL releases the dose for an extended period of time in a day. The SR formulation is slowly released in 12 hours while the XL doses are released for a period of 24 hours.
The dosing recommendations for both Wellbutrin formulations also differ since both drug delivery systems are controlled by time. Wellbutrin SR is initially given as 150mg once daily, and after 4 days the dose can be increased to twice daily to achieve a constant drug concentration in the blood. On the other hand, the extended release form is usually given once a day since the dose is being released in a 24-hour time frame.


Personally, I have had more success with Wellbutrin SR. Several times I tried Wellbutrin XL, both at 150mgs and 300mgs, but I got agitated, irritable, and headachy, and would lose my temper more easily. Some people tend to get anxiety when taking Wellbutrin, so my doctor prescribes Buspar, which I take with each dose of Wellbutrin SR, and this combination has been very successful for me to alleviate both anxiety and depression. When taking it I feel more focused, and it also gives me energy and motivation.

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Inactive 28 July 2017

Let me add: Wellbutrin IR is not prescribed as much SR or XL anymore, because of the inconvenience of having to take it (usually) three times a day. Since the SR and the XL are time-released, they keep steady blood levels more effectively than the IR "instant release". IR is dumped into your bloodstream shortly after each dose is taken, rather than being released over a controlled period of time.

luke uno 29 July 2017

Since the faster release formula works better then I'm assuming IR would be even better. I don't see a point in long acting stimulants

Inactive 29 July 2017

The downside of the immediate release is that too much of it goes into your system at once, which can intensify a person's anxiety level at certain times, instead of being released into your system in a manner which allows the medication to be absorbed in a steady stream into your system, such as the SR and the XL. Just because it is "immediate release", there is no advantage of it over the time released Wellbutrin. Either way, it still takes 4-6 weeks to start working. It has to be taken 3 times a day, and a person has to space the doses out and remember to take them at the same time each day. The literature says that the time release was a more improved version over the old instant release that was released to the public in 1986. I don't think it is prescribed very often anymore, foe all of the above reasons. But you can tell your doctor if that is what you think you would prefer to take. free discount card

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