Hi everyone! I am writing as I recently switched to Wellbutrin (bupropion).
My diagnosis is not really clear and is vaguely defined as depression/anxiety.
I have been having problem with the "lump in the throat" (globus hystericus) for almost 5 years now. These were the main reasons that made me reach out for a doctor again. The tension in my throat was such that I could not sleep, focus, etc. I had a diagnosis of OCD before this which lasted for about 4 years but disappeared.

To get to the point, before switching to Wellbutrin I was on escitalopram + clonazepam. When I started with Wellbutrin I experienced many of the side effects: dizziness, nausea, felling of hang over, irritability, anger, sweating, etc. Unfortunately, some of them are still here but what worries me the most is that my anxiety is NOT going away. It actually got WORSE. The feeling of the lump in the throat is much stronger, sometimes it even makes me throw up.

I am taking 300mg Wellbutrin and clomazepam a 2mg 1/2 +1/2 + 1/2.
I am trying to give this medicine a chance because escitalopram extremely affected my libido (which was the reason for the change).
Is there anyone experiencing something similar? I am really desperate.. I am hoping for these side effects to go away as they are affecting my everyday life. On the other side I really don't want to escitalopram and similar due to sexual side effects. :(