I recently got the Depo shot on 1/31. On 2/1 my partner and I had had protected sex and the next day I noticed a fishy smell coming from my vagina. I’ve never had this happen before, never experienced it so of course I freaked out. Well my partner also told me out the blue that he could tell a change in my vagina smell. He said my vagina doesn’t stink but it smells different than it normally does. I also get this brown mixed discharge that smells weird too. I’m a first time Depo user and I’m not sure if these are Depo symptoms, should I get them this early? My boobs are sore, I always feel rather sensitive or either irritated... and last night when me and my partner was in the middle of sexual activity I just completely lost interest.. that’s never happened and now the thought of sex makes me want to turn the other cheek lol. I just don’t even want him to bring that thing close to me. Has anyone experienced anything similar?