I started taking 50mg sertraline almost a week ago for anxiety induced headaches and OCD. I started to get chronic headaches around mid October and after being referred to a neurologist, he diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed me xanax to help deal with the headaches. He also scheduled an MRI just to be safe which turned out to be normal. The xanax helped a bit, but I decided I didn't want to become dependant and decided to seek a more long term solution to my anxiety. Went back to the neurologist and he prescribed me Zoloft. I was still having headaches and slight vision problems but after being on 50 mg for a couple days, I began having my usual chronic headaches accompanied by a strange sensation in my head when I breathed in. It's hard to describe. It's kind of like a rush of dull pain that intensifies as I breathe in. It's dizzying and unrelenting and seems to creep up on me as the day goes by, becoming the worst at night. The painful headaches have subsided slightly the past day or so, but this dizzying and unpleasant sensation has lingered and is becoming slightly worse. My head also feels full and seems to feel "fuller" when I breathe in. Has anyone else experienced this sensation and could it just be a side effect of the zoloft? Or could it be part of my pre-existing headaches, unrelated to the zoloft?