I was planning to start Sertraline treatment today. I have Anxiety/OCD (I have a glimmer of paranoia as well. My Psychologist let me know it's related to the OCD).

I will be taking 50mg. Late last night, I spontaneously drank about 2-4 oz. of rum and armaretto. I'm estimating since it was mixed with ice, diet coke and lemonade and i didn't drink the whole 12-16 oz glass.

Maybe wasn't the wisest thing to do. Looking forward, will it be wise to start taking the Sertraline tomorrow, instead of today, knowing there is still alcohol in my system?

I want to give my Sertraline treatment a try and hope to not experience too many bad side effects, especially if I can help it; i.e., not mix alcohol and Sertraline.

This is my first time taking medication for my Anxiety/OCD. I recently have been diagnosed about 3 months ago and have been working on utilizing my tools to deal. This is my first step integrating the medication and management tools.

Also, I will have to figure out how to manage my social drinking and the Sertraline. Social drinking is part of my lifestyle. I possibly can try to ween from it. Any advice on that note as well?

Thank you for your responses in advance.