I started Zoloft exactly 30 days ago at 50 mg. I have tried natural vitamins for anxiety and multiple prescriptions for anxiety. With the other prescriptions never got the side effects from them and they were much higher doses. With the generic Zoloft, I went through some pretty hard side effects. I became irritable almost maniac, diarrhea , nausea , insomnia , and my anxiety was through the roof. I was prescribed Coladapin for anxiety and sleep, it didn’t touch it. I was offered Xanax from my doctor but too scared to take it. In desperation of my anxiety and just wanting some sleep I took one from my sister, and never having Xanax in my life she said it would definitely knock me out and calm me down. It did nothing. I’m passed all of the side effects, but my body is pretty much back to as if I was taking nothing. Except for a little blurred vision and don’t have a constant lump in my throat ready to cry at any given point, my anxiety is still there and it’s embarrassing because it comes out in my face (my jaw and lips move the more anxious I am) and my hand move like I have Arthritis or something when I’m really nervous. The intrusive thoughts are still there and, I’m just wondering if I should stick it out at 50mg when I go to the doc in a week or get on a hire dose? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, just tired of my mind racing 24/7.