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It's been a week on depo. Does he cum inside you? Have you ever been pregnant on depo?


LousArk 27 June 2016

As long as you've both been checked for STDs & you know both of you don't have any other sexual partners, then it is safe to have intercourse on Depo Provera, without other contraception.
It worked fine for 18 years for me (with the recommended breaks in between).
If you got it on your first 5 days of your period then you were covered against pregnancy immediately. Otherwise, you needed to wait 7 days.
As long as you get future shots on time, you do not need to wait or use extra precautions in between shots.

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Tbanks06 27 June 2016

Okay! Thank you so much. I was bleeding the day I got the shot but I don't think it was my period (3 days after). It was strange so played it safe. Waited a week!! Anyways thank you again

LousArk 27 June 2016

You'll be safe because you waited/used extra contraception. You're very welcome. free discount card

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