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We are broke and my GF has a horrible tooth infection, can we use Macrodantin?


fall queen 13 April 2010

Hi john_boy456 All antibiotics are for different parts of the body. Macrodantin is usually given for a UT infection. There is good chance it will not help at all and in the meantime that infection could spread to other parts of the body. I would go to the nearest city hospital because they have to treat her. Indigent people are entiled to some health care. At least she would get the correct antibiotic and maybe something for the pain. Alot of pharmacies are filling antibiotics for four dollars or less. After they treat the infection, you guys should find a dentist who will take a payment plan whether the tooth can be repaired or if it needs to be extracted. You will more than likely have to wait severval hours in the E.R., so grab an ice pack and some anbesol. I really hope all goes well I swear a bad toothache is worse than having a baby! Best of Luck Fall Queen

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christineATU 13 April 2010

Great advice Queen of Falls. Hubby's surgery is in the morning. I'm using the hotel lobby pc! Once I get back home, I will be back on DRUGS.COM with a vengance! Especially about that PMR. Drop me a note. Hope things are doing a little better?

fall queen 14 April 2010

hi christine, I just know your hubbys surgery will go well. I believe in Karma. You seem like a nice person who really wants to help others not just get points. So,because hubby loves you the good karma is spread around you and your loved ones. I will say a prayer anyhow, it can't hurt! Lots of love Fall Queen

kellyandtodd 13 April 2010

If she has a tooth infection that bad and your broke you should take her to the hosp,because it can be very harmful if you let it go and try to treat it yourself,the hosp can not refuse to help you. i hope she ends up ok

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john_boy456 15 April 2010

Thanks everybody for the honest answers and the genuine concern. Truly appreciate it.

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