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Is a Watson 3202 white with pink specks stronger than a vicodin or the same as a norco?

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Inactive 17 Oct 2012

Watson 3202 is vicodin or hydrocodone & so is norco. It would depend on the dose of each which is stronger. The watson 3202 is 5mg of hydrocone or vicodin. You did not give us the dose of the norco...

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lynncain69 19 May 2014

I don't know the strenghth,that's what I'm trying to find out.

treabeth 26 Sep 2014

the dosage is 5-325 for the pink speckled hydrocodone

bowmanr16 17 Oct 2014

Think maybe there just from two different companies. And Watson makes the 5mg hydrocodean and theone is ovel and has the rthe specks.

bowmanr16 17 Oct 2014

In theory there both the same strength, they are both 5mg vicodin is a ovel shaped pill also.and is solid white with the number 357 on one side. Some people say one or the other is the better one.

SuperBinky 19 Jan 2015

Let me try and end your debate. Vicodin contains 5mg hydrocodone with 500mg acetaminophen (a.k.a. tylenol). Norco contains 5mg hydrocodone with 325 mg acetaminophen. Both Vicodin and Norco are brand names whose manufacturer once held their patent. A generic manufacturer like Watson retails these drugs cheaper once the patent has expired. There is no difference in strength or quality from one manufacturer to another be they brand name or generic. The only difference between Vicodin and Norco is the acetaminophen content. Both have the same effect.

Maddisons mom 10 Feb 2015

Thank you superbinky I was glad to see that someone gave the correct answer it only took 2+ years I am a pharmacy tech and I give people the truth and try my hardest to explain that Vicodin, lortab, and norco are all the same drug as in all have hydrocodone just different Tylenol but people just don't wAnt to hear it lol

exadikt 5 Jul 2015

Different manufactured meds work differently on different people even if they are the same mg. White with pink or turquoise speckles used to be known as robin eggs. Yes the same mg but there are slight variations from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Sparklebug77 10 Jul 2015

Ok I am a nationally certified pharmacy tech,,, my mother is also a pharmacy tech and works in a long term care facility pharmacy in the control room,,That actual answer is Norco, Lortab and Vicodin are all brand names of Hydrocodone,,, they are the same thing,,it does not matter how much Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in them,,, they are all the same thing doesn't matter how much Tylenol is in them. About 5 years ago they changed the amount of Tylenol they have in them,,There is no such thing as a 5/500 anymore, They do not make any mg with 500 mg of Tylenol anymore at all because it was exceeding the limit of Tylenol that you are allowed to have per day and it is hard on the liver and the Tylenol boosts the effects of the Hydrocodone,,Try it if you don't believe me and look up the rules about the 500mg in the pills,,I promise you this is the correct answer,,You will not find a 5/500 made in the last few years.

warpeas 12 Sep 2015

I didn't realize that. Does this mean that Vicodin HP (10/650) and Vicodin ES (7.5/750) are no longer made? With the HP's conversion would be simple, as it's equivalent to two "Norco" 5/325's, but you could not get an exact equivalent to an ES.

Diamond Dave 13 Jan 2019

I always thought that Norco was 10 mg hydrocodone and 325 mg acetaminophen but it seems that if it has hydrocodone and 325 mg of acetaminophen then it technically can be called Norco

Inactive 28 Oct 2014

A Watson 3202 Is a loratab 5/325. I am prescribed these as I'm am also prescribed loratab 10/325's... I also have a script for Percocet and Vicodin. Reason being is I race and have raced motocross my whole life and have had numerous injurys/broken bones. Vicodin is quite a bit stronger than my loratab 10/325's any day of the week. As for your norco question... Noro is just another brand that makes pills like say "Watson".

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beeper72 16 Jan 2015

There is no Healthcare provider hospital surgeon or anyone else gonna give you a prescription of 2 different strengths of Loratabs along with vicoden and percocet.. I use to work in the health care field and I know this as to what I am saying to be a fact...

beeper72 16 Jan 2015

Norco is a vicoden without the Tylenol.. so it is just not another company that makes them...

Tarl Cabbot 20 Jan 2015

Yeah, you're not going to get scripts for Percocet and Vicodin from the same doctor. Good idea: Be honest on here. The truth will set you free. Note: The Percocet and Hydrocodone has the Tylenol in it which is damaging to the liver if used in excess or with alcohol. If your liver dies, then you die. Just a thought to consider.

Joe Kobayashi Black 21 Jan 2015

No, " Norco " isn't a brand.
Watson Pharmaceuticals ( now Actavis inc. ) owns the patent / Trademark for what would be defined as a "Real" NORCO. Thats why Physicians write " Generic for Norco in some cases. " Norco " is just a moniker- a nickname, basically just instead of the medication's scientific name.
For example : " Percocet " is Oxycodone/acetaminophen, " Xanax " is Alprazolam, " Soma " is Carisoprodol, " Adderall " is Dextroamphetamine Salt, ETC... Qualitest, Amneal , Watson, and Mallickrodt are all pharmaceutical companies that produce Hydrocodone. Personally I think Hydrocodone with the IP 110 imprint which are (10-325 mg produced by amneal pharmaceuticals ) are the most effective.

spike66 7 Apr 2015

5mg of any hydrocodone is the same. Norco has the same amount. There is no difference.

NativeWhitefeather 1 May 2015

To Gowens71: Sorry about all ur pain. Kno'g moto-x is a hazardous sport. BUT it does sound like u r Dr & pharmacy hopp'g! Bet u pass out/sell ur meds to fellow riders also.They all do. Keep braggin, they're watchin & listen'g dude!

segn66 3 May 2015

This is to beeper72, there is no approved manufactured hydrocodone that has only hydrocodone in the US. Norco has tylenol in it too. And yes I have received oxycodone and hydrocodone from the same Dr. at he same. The orders were if I considered my pain to be above an 8 I was to take the hydrocodone, any higher take the oxy (percocet)

woody j 7 Jun 2015

Norco is a lortab without the Tylenol I know this to be a fact because I just got out of the hospital yesterday and that's what they were giving me and I ask them what they were and they said hydrocodone which is lortab without the Tylenol

robbi4564 21 Jun 2015

What mg is your vicodin?
My doctor had me in 7.5 and Saud they don't make 10mg in it
So she put me on Norco 10mg
I liked the vicodin better seemed like no tummy issues
I take for bad back injury due to a bad car crash
Any advice?

OmegaMan10pop 6 Aug 2015

Okay... Norco is Vicodin without the high tylenol content. For example: Vicodin 5mg has 500mg of tylenol tylenol whereas Norco 5mg has 325mg of tylenol. One can take an additional tylenol for an added increase to the effectiveness of a Norco tablet. Please be aware that there are limits as to how much tylenol can be taken daily before causing damage to your liver.

brian f666 11 Aug 2015

Ive studied internal medicine for about 10 yrs and vicodin norco lortab and hydrocodone r all the same thing just different mg of Tylenol and yes you can have different scripts like you are saying as long as its through pain management they are the only ones that can write for as many narcotics as they see fit hope this helps a lil

Lo525 25 Sep 2015

@beeper72 I have a broken back and get prescribed MULTIPLE DIFFERENT intensitys of pill vicoden, percocet, and both the oxys.

nursecheryl 15 Nov 2015

Actually beeper72 Norco is a hydro with 325mg of Tylenol in it. This is something we commonly give to the patients in the hospital I work in.

Jvilla 13 Jan 2016

Norco has tylenol in it also. And NO physician will prescribe you four of the same drug in different milligrams. I have a BSRN all of them now. Vicoden loratab and norco are all 325 mil tylenol. Loratab used to have 500mg tylenol thats now illegal.

Timp50271 21 Jan 2016

Im sorry but a regular physician will not prescribe pain medication but to the comment that a dr will not prescribe more than one pain medication at a time your wrong a pain specialist can and will prescribe more then one pain medication including also a nerve medication for nerve pain so if u work the field of medicine you should know this

Katzsecret 16 Apr 2016

Too anyone who takes Norco 10mg, it it Does have tylenol. If u look at your bottle it has a dash 325. The 325 is the MG of the amount of tylenol. They all have tylenol the difference is that the 5mg has the same amount of tylenol but different amount of hydrocodone. It's better than taking 2 Norco when needed because it will contain more tylenol. The 325 x 2. I'm 100% certain because for a while I was not to have too much tylenol in my system.
And yes it is generic.

LRG1 17 Apr 2016

They stopped giving out vicodin because it has alot of Tylenol in it. Loratab is actually stronger then vicodin. The reason why your experiencing that is because the norcos 5/325 with pink specks are time released. So your not going to feel it right away and may need to take extra for it to work. Norco is thr name of the drug..watson is the manufacturer.

Willieboy09 7 May 2016

Narco have Tylenol in them I was prescribed for years I was recently prescribed a Nother prescription for Norco 5/325 and i received 3202 v from the pharmacy which is 5/325 hydrocodone they're all the same thing just different brands when you receive something from your doctor type the number found on the pill into Google and it will tell you what it is

Lawoman01 5 Jun 2016

It's kind of sad all of you judging this guy and telling him that he wouldn't be able to get 2 scripts from the same doc etc. You don't know his pain or his situation and I'm sure none of you have a PHD or pharmacy degree lol. What I will say is you're wrong about that! I know about 5 people right now w injuries that get scripts much more heavy duty than this and yes get more than one. understand how medications work and the persons problems before you go leaving irrelevant comments! The question here was about the drug, not for you to be judging others! Geez people! People can't ever leave a comment on here trying to help someone else without a few wanting to judge! Get a life and worry about yourself. This man has no reason to lie and until you've walked in his shoes butt out!

Risa16 15 Jun 2016

The only difference between Norco and Vicodin is the dosage of Tylenol... Norco is 5/325 and Vicodin was 5/500 Vicodin is no longer made because of the severity of the side effects now known from Tylenol

Daisy2016 18 Mar 2017

You are wrong I have been prescribed 2 different strengths of Vicodin 7.5mg & 10mg... the 10mg was prescribed for breakthrough pain

bobbiwoolum 21 Jun 2017

Please do not believe anything the person said after they told you Norco is just like Vicodin but without all the Tylenol. That is so untrue. Vicodin Norco and Lortab are all the same thing just different brand names. The pink specks do not make it time release either. You are getting 5 mg of hydrocodone and 325 MMG of acetaminophen or Tylenol in each pill. The rest of them work exactly the same and have exactly the same ingredients unless you get one that comes in a higher dose. This is a great website for information but you have to be careful because once in awhile you get a total moron who tells you something completely false. That's what happened here. This post might be a million years old because I didn't look but I was Googling something else and this came up. I don't want it to come up for anyone else and for them to believe what this asshat had to say LOL. Everything you thought is right on point. Ignore these dumb shits that have no clue what their talking about.

Kohlie 24 Sep 2017

You don't know what you are talking about Vicodin Loratab and Norco are all HYDROCODONE kiddo... And your doc should not be prescribing all those drugs to you that makes no sense at all.

tom lockheart 21 May 2015

The specs in them are intended for time relase.

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segn66 7 Jun 2015

the specs are not time release, that statement is completely wrong in every way. the specs are a just a form of distinction mainly for pharmacists.

dolly13 6 Jul 2015

from what I understand Norco is stronger. Not all generics are the same in qulity and strength. Watson, is one of the weakest. Most people prefer Lorcet, or Narco.

segn66 3 Aug 2015

And I saw a sasquatch last week too, dolly

Fawn Evans 4 Jun 2015


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Shirlnga 8 Jun 2015

There is no way ANYONE should rely on medical info from a health forum. These are people who are guessing, not professionals!

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segn66 17 Jun 2015

AGREED, but if I told you how many "health professionals are undoubtedly wrong also you wonder what the hurt is in seeing what others' experiences are.

Sparklebug77 10 Jul 2015

A very true statement! I am a certified pharmacy tech and I cannot believe how many people are giving out crazy answers,,Yes they do make a 10/325 no matter what name it has, Vicodin, lortab, Norco and hydrocodone are all the same thing and they all have different strengths, they do not make them with 500mg of tylenol anymore,,it has been lowered to 325 on all of them and no the speckled ones are not tie release.

red fox 8 Feb 2016

Tru ,, so the specks mean thy r stronger o just a brand

MrCBofBCinTX 9 May 2016

This is information directly from my neurologist. By law, generic drugs must be within 20% of the stated dosage. Therefore, a 5mg generic may legally contain only 4mg. I am taking a Watson 3202 that is clearly less than 5mg. Only take the original name brand if possible.

Mixman77 18 Aug 2015

The specked lortabs are the way to go, the mg will be the only difference. In other words, a 10mg is going to be stronger than any 5mg but at the same mg the specked one seems to be the best. BTW, I'm no doc so this is just opinion not advice.

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Billy bob25 10 Sep 2015

Yes the specks are stronger than vicoden if it has 325 on the bottle it's a norco/hydrocodone if it's 500 it's a vicoden the specks are just identification of the brand some states do still vicoden but some states are discontinuing vicoden because damage to the liver zohydro is the extended release form of hydrocodone like oxycotin is the extended for of oxycodone hopes this answers alot of questions and doubts on others.

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brighti50 20 Nov 2015

Degenerative disc disease and have had it for 10 years and never had a problem with my pain medicine til now. I can take 1/2 Narco 325 pain gone. This new Norco with red dots, was filled 3 weeks ago, damn gone, when this is my second prescription sense June 2 2015. Taking 1/2 of these red dots is like candy. Seems so much weeker still in pain. Going to get another manufacturer cause ACTAVIS MFG no good.

lele23 31 Jan 2016

I totally agree with you!

I suffer from low back pain and migraines my doctor prescribes me loratab 5/325.

I use Walgreens--- but my last 2 refills have been much weaker... It's because Walgreens uses Watson pharmaceutical for their drugs and about 6 months ago -- Watson pharmaceutical was brought by Actavis pharmaceutical--- they came in and changed the ingredients and made the Hydrocodone much weaker now!!

I'm going to get my next re-fill from another pharmacy

king2k5 28 Dec 2015

Ok most of y'all don't know what your talking about. Norco is not a brand. Norco comes in all strengths from 5 ,7.5 and 10 measuring hydrocodone . A Norco is what all the pills have got changed to 325mgs of Tylenol. So when u look on your prescription and it says 325 mgs of Tylenol it's a Norco.

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mommakym 29 Jan 2016

After reading everyone's answers I don't see how anyone can not be more confused then before logging into this forum. My personal opinion is it depends on the person as to which pill works better. I agree that when it comes to generic meds (more so with pain medication) some are better then others I don't know why maybe it's all in my head. I have rumytoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and I take the 3202 watson speckled and sometimes take the 7.5 Vic when I'm really bad have been for years after taking myself off OxyContin and like I said I think it really depends on the person as to the relief of pain received. I don't know if this helps or not but I hope it did at least a little. And sorry if I misspelled anything y'all.

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lele23 31 Jan 2016

I agree with brighti50--- I suffer from low back pain and migraines... Since the stop making Hydrocodone 5/500... I was given 5/325 (Watson mfg)... I normally get mine fill at Walgreens but about 6-8 months ago the Watson is the mfg that Walgreen uses for Hydrocodone--

Watson was purchased by Actavis, they have changed the ingredients in the hydrocodone--- much much weaker now

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chuck1957 31 Jan 2016

ang;((WATSON 3202 (Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone 325 mg / 5 mg)))) THIS IS the strength of the tablet you are asking about. you have to look at your Norco and see if it was the 5/325 or 10/325 to see which is stronger the small number is the true pain medication Hydrocodone and the 325 is the amount of Tylenol that is in it.

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toups 10 Feb 2016

The Watson 3202 is not as strong as the Vicodin (or as it as listed on the bottle now as Hydrocodone/acetaminophen) 10-325. It is also now Actavis listed on the bottle as also comes from Walgreens but the pill itself is stamped Watson. I have taken this medication for years because of migranes and back injuries suffered in a couple severe auto accidents (not my fault) and also find that they are not as strong as they used to be. My husband has been prescribed Watson 3202 5-325 for his knee pain and I have taken a couple to see if there is a difference and yes to me there is. I had to take two to my one because his is only 5-325. Somehow he was able to pull up and compare all of the ingredients and there is a couple of differences in ingredients or one was not there at all.


I had been prescribed the higher dosage years ago but as been previously stated they took that off the market because of the Tylenol ingredient being too much. I had much less pain with that one but they do what they have to do. Anyway I am only going by experience.

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warrenpeace 4 Mar 2016

It's all hydrocodone the white with pink specks àre 5mg hydrocodone and 325 tylonal it's manufacturer is Watson which is important because certain manufacturers are better than others. Mallincrodt is the best manufacturers by far so if u can get those get em. Norco is its own name and I'm pretty sure there 10 mg. Of hydrocodone with tylonal in it to. There is a capsule that is 10 mg. hydro with no cut no acetometaphen "tylonal" it's a dark red capsule and not sure of the brand name but generic it just sais 10mg hydrocodone.

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Jvilla 4 Mar 2016

Norco and vicodine are the same thing lol. (Tylenol) is in both 325Mil they go from 5Mil Hydrocodone 325 Mil Tylenol. Too 10Mil Hydrocodone 325Mil Tylenol. The only difference is inactive ingredients, and manufactures names.

robbi4564 8 Mar 2016

Thank you

Kindelll 8 Jun 2016

The same

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Yes it is a norco 7. 5

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