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Is a M365 a Norco or just a Vicodin?

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kaismama 4 Jul 2014

Since Norco and Vicodin are the same thing I don't know what you mean, it is hydrocodone 5 mg and acetaminophen 325 mg.

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pagodakicks 9 May 2015

They are not the same thing. While they both contain 5 mg of hydrocodone, Norcos only contain 325 mg acetaminophen whereas Vicodin contain 500mg.

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chineserocks 19 May 2015

Vicodin is a drug name. Norco is a manufacture of hydrocodone (Vicodin) they all only contain 325mgs of Tylenol.

BradleyVA 25 Oct 2015

I understand what you meant, to the person that says it's not the same thing I also understand what you're trying to say YES they are a little different but honestly 175mg of tylenol difference doesn't really stand in my mind as a different drug. I think what Kaismama was trying to say was that she didn't understand why the original poster had phrased the question 'Norco or JUST a vicodin' as if they thought they were completely different in some way. There is no real difference except for the 175mg APAP difference (roughly 1/4th of a standard OTC 500mg Tylenol) which is practically nothing at all. lol

BradleyVA 25 Oct 2015

Also to 'Chineserocks' Norco is not a manufacturer of Vicodin. Norco is a brand name like Vicodin for the Hydro/Apap combination that only has 325mg of Acetaminophen as opposed to the 500mg in the original "Vicodin" formula. In the instance of this question posed by the original poster asking to identify "M365" the manufacturer is Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals not 'Norco'.

3lizab3th 11 Aug 2016

Norco and Vicodin are the same. No one uses the name vicodin(Im not sure why) hydrocodone and Norco 5/325mg are the same. 500mg are no longer on the market. They have found that a,healthy liver can only handle 2g or 2000mg of Tylenol a day and how they are prescribed a lot of people were going over the 2000mg. So 325mg is redeemed a safer dose.

JustMeDs 17 Aug 2017

vicodin is the brand name. It has different strengths that go by other names such as norco, lorcet, lortab and Vicodin ES but all are brand.

Pharmaceutical companies such as mallinckrodt and Watson will manufacture a generic version of these drugs in all the different strengths drug.

All in all, the drug is a combination of hydrocodone and Tylenol at different strengths. Use caution as over dosing on Tylenol can cause liver damage and be life threatening.

JustMeDs 17 Aug 2017

Norco and vicoden are just brand names of the combination of the drug hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Depending on the strengths each one is given a different brand name.

Generically they're all just hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

Example: if your given a script for Vicodin ES the pharmacist will know it's for the 7.5/750, or Vicodin being 5/500 or lorcet 10/500 and you'll be given the generic version unless specifically requested by you or your doctor.

Norcos will usually specify the dose because it comes in 5/325, 7.5/325, and 10/325 hydrocodone/ acetaminophen.

JVoNN8989 6 Dec 2017

So what would Percocet be considered as in this subject that we're talking about? I'm curious because Vicodin makes me sick as Percocet does notp.

JustMeDs 7 Dec 2017

Percocet is a combination of Oxycodone and acetaminophen not Hydrocodone And acetaminophen.

balbanese 5 Jul 2014


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daralee66 10 Feb 2016

Norco is just a brand name. As is Lortab. All hydocodone IS Vicoden.

lilitaly 18 Jan 2017

Yes all hydrocodone is vicodin

JustMeDs 17 Aug 2017

It's generic norco: 5mg hydrocodone and 325mg Tylenol

Wbherma 13 Jun 2015


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Joaniern90 13 Jun 2015

VICODIN IS HYDROCODONE(the generic name) and has 500mg of tylenol(or generic name of acetimenophen) in either a 5mg or 7.5mg or 10mg pill(means it contains 5mg,7.5mg or 10mg of the hydrocodone or vicodin whatever the strength of vicodin your dr prescribes and whatever u call it or know it as. And 500mg tylenol(acetimenophen the generic name)This is how it would look like on a prescription or label on your bottle... hydrocodone or hydro 5mg or 7.5mg or 10mg/500mg acetimen or acetimeniphen.Now this is only if you take one pill so two pills would double the doses of both medicines,,, The only difference when u are prescribed Norco or hydrocodone it has less tylenol in each pill which is 250mg. The reason norco is prescribed is to get less tylenol as it is very hard on your liver. There is a certain amount of tylenol that is safe in 24hrs which is on the instructions of a tylenol or acetimenophen bottles.


So if you are taking vicodin or norco u must keep track of the amount of tylenol or acetaminophen you are getting with it plus if any taken in a tylenol or acetimenophen pill as well as reading labels of all over the counter medicines because some have tylenol in them. For example,,migraine, some cold and sleep aides that contain tylenol and benadral. Actually it is the benadryl (the generic name diphenhydramine HCL) that helps u sleep because it is the only sedating antihistamine used for allergy symptoms so just get those so u will get less tylenol. I HOPE I MADE SENSE FOR U TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE. AS A CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT AS WELL AS A RN FOR 25 YEARS. JOANIE

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BradleyVA 25 Oct 2015

There was a lot of helpful information in there except for one error and that is that as far as I know at least, there are no 'vicodin', 'percocet', 'norco', (whatever silly name you want to give it) that has 250mg of acetimenophen. It's 325mg in the 'Norco' reduced tylenol forumlas, but as it was said before I believe that the 325mg forumlae are the only ones perscribed in the modern day. This goes for "percocet" (Oxycodone) as well. All Oxycodone/Hydrocodone and Tylenol combos that I have seen prescribed in recent months have been of the 325mg Acetaminophen variety as opposed to the older standard of 500mg, and the possibly 650 or 750 that were found in some versions of Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. Hopefully this was helpful.

CrazzyMeee 2 Nov 2015

Great answer and So true .. Dr.Joan ...

Rlutchansky 7 Jan 2016

You are very scary if you are really an RN and a chronic pain patient because you are SO VERY WRONG! NO PAIN PiLLS of ANY kind have 500 mg of aspirin. If you actually work in the field please save the world by quitting your job because you are dangerous and worse, an obvious idiot, please. Again, you are DANGEROUS to the community at large so get out of a field you have NO UNDERSTANG of! Now!!!

RiverSong2525 21 Sep 2015

If it is a recent pill and not one you have had a while,it's 5/325.That's the only milligram they make now.They changed the formula so that it's less Tylenol.You can't get any higher than 325.So no matter what mg you have of the hydrocodone the Tylenol Will be.325mg.

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BradleyVA 25 Oct 2015

I believe your answer is probably the best, there is really no need for the "Norco" distinction these days because all Hydro/Tylenol formulas are 325mg Acetaminophen these days.

Skipwilly52 10 Jan 2018

How come my Vicodin say 5 300 then if there only 325?

geraldmccline 18 Jan 2016


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AlleanMeacham61 19 Mar 2016

I believe it is a Norco

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sabrinab36 11 May 2016

pill imprint is of the hydrocodone family so that being said the correct answer is"NORCO"

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Cas86 11 May 2016

I worked as a pharmacy technician for more than 2 years. Hydrocodone is a controlled pain releiver. Brand names are Norco, and Vicodin, among others. Norco, is typically accompanied with less acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol). Hydrocodone 5 milligrams accompanied by 325 milligrams of acetaminophen tends to be Norco which is also just a manufacturer, which has gained popularity by word of mouth due to common prescibing. 5 milligrams hydrocodone accompanied by 500 milligrams acetaminophen tends to be brand name Vicodin. Norco and Vicodin are just manufacturers of Hydrocodone. Your doctor may prescribe Norco, due to it having less acetaminophen in it (175 mg less) than Vicodin for a repeat prescription especially. Since acetaminophen is highly liver toxic.

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Valsgirl59 27 May 2016

Norco is stronger then just a Vicodin.

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taraisms 18 Jun 2016

No. Norco is not stronger than Vicodin.

calken54 16 Dec 2017

Your wrong Norco is stronger than Vicodin. Percocet is stronger than Norco.
A 325/10 Norco is the same as a 325-7.5 Percocet. Fact.

taraisms 16 Dec 2017

No. Percocet is OXYcodone and Tylenol, which is the short acting version of time release Oxycontin. Norco is HYDROcodone and Tylenol. The effectiveness of 1 percocet or 5mg of OXYcodone is roughly equivalent to a 10mg dose of hydrocodone. Norco is most commonly supplied in a 5mg/325mg dose. Norco came into the market when the allowed "safe levels" of Tylenol were changed from 4gm (4000mg) to 3gm(3000mg) daily. Vicodin had a starting dose of 5mg/500mg, then 7.5mg/500mg, and finally 10mg/500mg. Norco only contains the 325mg of Tylenol.

Crystal3 16 Jul 2016


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Christophergibson 7 Jun 2017


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Roccstar3 13 Jul 2017

Is this pill. A Norco

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angel rodriguez 18 Jul 2017

They are the same thing narcotic is just a manufacturer name

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JustMeDs 17 Aug 2017

Norco is the same as Vicodin. Vicodin, vicoden ES, Norco, Lorcet, Lortab, etc., are all brands of different doses of hydrocodone and acetaminophen combination.

The tablet your describing is Norco, 5mg hydrocodone and 325mg of Tylenol.

Branded drugs are more expensive because they’re newer, generally groundbreaking, and often for conditions that are difficult to treat. However, after a certain period of time, these same innovative medicines become a generic.

Your vicoden will most likely not be the brand unless you specifically request it from your Pharmacist. Your most likely getting one manufactured by a pharmaceutical company like Watson or mallinckrodt. This seems to be what's most misunderstood by people.

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