So I literally just got home from the doctors office 30 minutes ago and prescribed vyvanse. As a little kid I was diagnosed with ADHD, but over the years it gradually turned into ADD. I told my doctor that and I'm not really sure why he gave me this medicine because it associates with ADHD. Anyways I've been reading through the reviews and I'm nervous. I have major depression that I'm on medication for, and I do have anxiety, so reading the reviews are making me a little scared. But at the same time I'm anxious to see where this goes. I just got a job working at a call center for health insurance so, concentrating, remembering what people say, and working at steady pace (because I'm so slow at everything) is extremely important. Before this job I had another job in another call center for car insurance and I ended up quitting it. It was such a bad experience because I couldn't focus, I would forget what people would tell me, I would forget what to do, I would zone out..etc. and on top of that everyday literally everyone would have to help me and most of the time finish my calls for me. I've never been able to anything on my own without help my entire life and I'm sick of it. I'm 21 and I feel like a special needs child (no offense to anyone who has a special child. Just making a comparison.) I just wanna be able to get through life. I just wanna know if anyone out there on this medication or has had experiences with this medicine has any advice, suggestions, stories or anything important they think I should know about this medicine. I'm not really sure how reply work on this, so if anyone wants to find me on facebook and message me please do. My name on facebook is Annie elizabethh (yes with two h's lol)