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Can Vimpat 100 mg tablets be crushed?

3 Answers

Marvell 21 Jun 2013

I would be hesitant to crush Vimpat tablets (but if absolutely necessary then you can do it), as you wouldn't want to lose any bit of the dose.

There is a oral solution preparation, so perhaps next time you could get that, if you are having difficultly swallowing.

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idahoseashell 19 Jul 2013

This is the type of question that should ONLY be answered by your pharmacy or doctor. They know how much you are taking, if you are taking any other medications that will interact with this medication and if the crushing the pill will cause the medicine to enter your system too fast. I've been told in the case of Keppra that crushing the pill could cause too much of the medicine to be absorbed too quickly, potentially causing an overdose, and then it would be depleted out of the system before the next dose was scheduled to occur.

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Joshrox 18 Apr 2017

Is it safe to crush vimpat for terminal patient who can't swallow

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