I took viibryd for years and it was great, the only thing that ever helped and then everything that I took suddenly stopped working and I felt awful. I had some blood work and discovered that I needed 5000 iu of vitamin d instead of the 1000 I was taking. I made the change and it helped a little, but by then I had stopped taking all depression meds since I decided that all had stopped working. I asked my doctor to start me on brintlex although it had never helped when I took it years before and it still did not help. I then requested to start viibryd again and hope for the best, but this time I am having bad g I side effects, but still after increased to 40 mg per day (in morning with food) for 3 weeks there is no lifting of mood. is it possible that it will never work for me again or do I just have to wait the usual 4 to 6 weeks until it starts to help or do I need an augmentation with something additional- but what ? I am so depressed, please answer. thanks