Hi everyone!
Since I too came here looking for advice and wanted to hear an honest opinion of people taking Viibryd before I began taking the medication a year ago, I wanted to share my experience with others so they could gain some perspective from a non-doctor and normal gal going through many of the same things as you may be.

A little about my anxiety history.. I have been on an SSRI since I was about 11 years old (that's 12 years of meds!) I began with Paxil and remained on that med for about 10 years. Once it began to stop benefiting me I made a change over to Prozac, which seemed like a fine fit, however, the sexual side effects were too much for me so my doctor advised me to try Viibryd because his other patients had such good outcomes from it's use.

Going on to Viibryd-
Not a difficult transition for me at all. I really can not attest to any of the stomach or intestinal side affects many people have, I was lucky to have an easy go of it. After the two week gradual increase to 40mg I had been on the 40mg for about a year until recently.

Viibryd for a year and coming off of it-
From the first month of two of taking Viibryd my main concern in the side affects department was my immediate withdrawal symptoms when I forgot to take the medication. I would feel itchy and almost as if I were having some kind of allergic reaction. The itching was mainly at my nose, neck, and scalp. Speaking with my doctor, he said these were withdrawal-like symptoms, so taking the drug at a similar time everyday was going to be an important thing for me to do.
My only other main side affect is the one that has lead me to come off of Viibryd; the sexual side affects. The best way I can describe it is that my mind and body were just not making a connection. Seeing my boyfriend and being intimate, I was attracted and excited mentally, but it never seemed to reach my body in a physical way. It has been INCREDIBLY frustrating! So I spoke with my doctor and I tapered off over the past three weeks.

(Note: It has been my personal decision to try living med. free. I've been working and working to gain the perspective and experience to get to this point since I first started seeing a therapist for my anxiety issues when I was a 6th grader. Please do not go off any medication without talking to your doctor! It is hard enough as it is tapering off, NEVER stop cold turkey! You will feel terrible!)

I tapered off from 40mg to 30mg for one week, 20mg the next, 10mg the next, and this past week moving to 0mg. The switch from 30mg to 20mg was pretty difficult. I've experienced many vivid dreams, woke up feeling very anxious, and felt some of my typical withdrawal symptoms (itchy, allergic) And now after a week of zero Viibryd I've had some awesome highs and some low feelings too. I haven't felt overwhelmingly happy or joyful for months and months. You know that feeling where you are just flooded with joy, you can't help but smile? FINALLY I've felt it a few days in a row! (looking at a sunset, driving to work one morning drinking my coffee, etc.) Quite invigorating! As for some of the negatives, thus far, I've felt kind of irritable and anxious, but it all comes in waves. It is not constant or interfering too severely in my everyday life. I am also experiencing the itchy, withdrawal symptoms, but not constantly. I am looking forward to this next week off the medication to see how all of this progresses. (I can't wait to feel horny again!)

I hope this has been helpful for anyone looking to read (almost a novel) about someone's experience on this medication. Over all it really was a great drug and I can see how it has helped so many people. For me it is just my time to move on and see how I am without medication, since it has been so long since my body has experienced life any other way! I'd love to hear about anyone else's experiences and support anyone who has any questions. Thanks!
All the best,