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Viibryd - is 80 mg dose per day dangerous?

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11 Apr 2013

I'm new to the support group but have been reading the older posts. The highest dose anyone has reported has been 60 mg a day. Your doctor should be the one to answer this. Maybe it would be o.k. in divided doses if it works for you but I wouldn't do it on my own.

11 Apr 2013

Hi roscoe dog,
I have been on Viibryd for hmm, let's see, 10 months. At a certain point, maybe lennongurl was keeping track, I noticed that that because of the drug's short half-life, I was feeling feeling pretty crummy by late morning, if I did not take my 40 mg dose as scheduled around 9:30 AM. My MD decided to have me take 20 mg in the late evening, but NOT at bedtime so no crazy dreams. This solved the problem and for some reason I only seemed to need this boost of 80 for a few weeks. I think it was a period of increased stress and now I'm just fine back on the 40's in the AM. Viibryd has been life changing for me after years on many other anti D's. Hope it continues to work for you. Welcome to the group! Please come back with questions or comments along your journey. Everyone benefits! You can PM me too, if you prefer.
Best Regards,
4N Substances aka Frenchie

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