... , it’s been about 10 days when the stomach pains, gas & bloating started, I also was very sensitive and crying at the start and flying off at the littlest thing! My family hurt me very much during this time and I told them all to piss off! So now I’m sitting here on my 63 rd birthday hoping to get better, I’m so sick after the stint of digestive issues which I thought were probably a virus. Then it became an esophagus problem that ended in the ER because my throat and chest were hurting so bad I had to be treated. then a day after that I became EXTREMELY agitated and panicked! I could not bring myself to calm down for nothing tried every technique that I know and believe me I know a lot having generalized anxiety disorder for many years along with depression. long story short, it’s been about five days and I am still anxious and nervous I have no appetite, I can’t eat my doctor stopped the medication completely and has me starting back on Cymbalta30 mg and gave me something to calm me which isn’t really working all that great to be honest I am a total mess and it is my belief this all came from the medication Viibryd!! I’m just praying that I get through the next few weeks and start to feel somewhat better so I have to take care of my other health issues I live alone and it’s very difficult to do things when you feel this anxious and fearful and sick I have lost 10 pounds in 10 days, has anyone had such a horrible experience with this medication?