Started Victoza 4 weeks ago on lowest dose .6 for two weeks because I really want Victoza to work, but was getting severe sour stomach and nausea. After two weeks, increased to 1.2 -- tolerable but still constant nausea. Had to sleep upright at night in the lounge chair. Also, had a doctor visit yesterday after 4 weeks of use and only lost 1.5 lbs.? (Down to 1,000 calories a day if that?) No appetite, feel full all the time - just tend to look at the food. Hardly eating at all-must force myself. Food doesn't look appertizing at all.. Decided to increase dosage yesterday to 1.8 dose, because doctor told me I'll lose on the high dose, but if it's bothering me, go back to the second, but will I lose weight on the low dose I was taking? Must lose 50 lbs. (Presently at 190 lbs.) Today, suffering with cramps and severe, loss of uncontrollable diarrhea? Is this temporary? Or a reaction to this increased dosage? Should I go back to the second dose? I really want this to work, am wondering if there is anything I can take to counteract these horrible side effects - as it is difficult to leave the house to lead a normal life. Afraid of dehydration at this rate? (10++ times today already.) I will try anything if it works to counteract side effects. Thanks.