I was on 150mg-200mg of Lamictal for around 4 years. I quit taking it while I was pregnant and breastfeeding.
I got back on it around September 2017, started at 100mg, but was quickly upped to 200mg.

I have been taking 200mg once a day, at bedtime, every night.

Here is my question: I just got told to take 200mg TWICE a day. I am wondering how long I need to wait in between doses? I was not given much information, and I can not find anything online.
The first two days, I tried only 100mg during the day because I was nervous about the raise in my dose, then my normal 200mg at night. I noticed the 100mg during the day messed with my vision a little bit. A little blurry, a little bit of double vision for maybe half an hour, but tolerable.

I finally took the full 200mg during the day and have had SEVERE double vision for almost 2 hours. I wondering if it’s just too much for me to take, or if I didn’t wait long enough?
— How long between doses should I be waiting?
I take it around 8:30pm every night, and the first two times I’ve take it, I took the first two (100mg) doses around 2pm, and then this passed dose (200mg) around 1pm.

I’m confused and worried, and there is no way I will be able to continue this. I considered going to the hospital because how horrible the double vision was. I felt like I had overdosed. I’ve had blurry vision as a side effect before, maybe 3 times, but I just went to bed because I always took my doses at bedtime.
Note: I plan on calling my Psychiatrist first thing, but she isn’t in until Tuesday, so I’m trying to get answers now.