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Venlafaxine - Did anyone loose weight or find it helped with binge eating when your low!?


WildcatVet 20 Jan 2019

"Common (1% to 10% of users): Weight loss, decreased appetite, anorexia"
Regards, Wild Cat

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MuseMyself 20 Jan 2019

For myself. In the beginning; the only reason I kept taking Effexor, was the fact, I was losing weight. I knew Effexor, wasn’t for me. I was afraid to stop taking it because, at one time I lost weight on it... even though, I started having edema on it from higher doses and gained weight. Whenever, I felt like eating I did make better choices. I still wasn’t eating much it made me felt better in that sense... once, I finally stopped Effexor from having ill effects. I felt hungry but, it was short lived and evened out after, a few months.

Effexor, is weight neutral. The fact, everyone is different with the way they react to any situation as well as medication. Some people can gain weight short term because, they begin to eat when, they wouldn’t have otherwise in a depressed or anxious state. Others lose weight because, they stop eating in the same situation.
Weight goes up and down daily. On Effexor, it may go up and down more until, ones body adjusts to the medication. My weight did. I would retain more water especially, in the summer. Just, be careful... especially, in heat. I had a difficult time cooling down while I was on it. I developed tachycardia from beginning on the max dose of Effexor for years.
I hope a small glimpse of my experience can help in some way.

Take care!

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