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I have some old valium tablets,will they still work?

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Inactive 24 May 2012

Hello hondagirl. The norm is a drug is discarded a year after the perscription is filled because the chemical substances will over time, diminish and lose its potency. Regards, pledge

briards 26 May 2012

pledge, in the places i have lived (california, oregon) the reason they put a 1 year expiration date on prescriptions is just because it is quicker and easier. i can sometimes lift up the label to see the real expiration date. if not, my husband always asks what the expiration is on the bottle they dispensed the meds from and it is anywhere between 2-6 years later. we do this at the vet office too.

Inactive 27 May 2012

Thank you briards. Interesting info I see your point. Have a good weekend (Memorial Day) bye now, pledge

balbanese 25 May 2012

Why mess with them? If you had a prescription just get a fresh one. If you didn't then, well, I'd still flush them. Hope this helps.

drcatcat 16 Jan 2014

Meds are NOT to be flushed down the toilet! There is a proper means of disposal of such and if any questions, pls direct them to your pharmacist to guide you. Or google it. Each State and cities provide the means to do so. That way our water does not get contaminated. Protecting our environment is key!

hawt 26 Dec 2014

Seriously you flush human waste down the toilet every day. Most pills DO lose efficacy after awhile, if you look at most bottles they now have a one yr expiration date. Even if the pills MAY be good for significantly longer. Another example of big corporations taking from the public in the fabricated sake of safety. That said, you should always err on the side of caution regarding your own health. Ask your doctor or an independent (small town) pharmacist.

balbanese 28 Dec 2014

If you're not the one who posted the question back-off.

HeadStarter 25 May 2012

I would NOT start taking valium unless you are currently prescribed them. As you have already read in the other responses... they DO lose their potency and you should just flush them.

Why are you feeling you need to start taking something that you aren't possibly going to be able to get again??? Valium is nothing to mess with and totally screwed up my ex-m-i-l. She has the shakes "still" 20 years later because two different doctors were prescribing it to her and she was taking way too much. It was some time later that one of her "smarter" doctors realized she was over being over medicated and started weaning her off. It was a freaking nightmare for her and everybody around her.

drcatcat 16 Jan 2014

Do your research and be informed that medicines are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet. There are companies which will dispose of them correctly. And some doctors are kind enough to take them back and even some pharmacists too and dispose of them for free. If you want peace on this earth lets hope our future generations see it by us be responsible, and not giving uninformed advice. free discount card

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