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My urine is yellowish in during morning time after the sleep,Is there is any risk of jaundice?

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kaismama 8 Aug 2013

Urine when someone is jaundiced is a dark color, kind of like tea with a greenish tint. Once you've seen it, you never forget it, but its hard to describe.

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DzooBaby 8 Aug 2013

Absolutely! If you had jaundice your skin gets a very yellow cast and so do the whites of the eyes (sclera) and like she said, the urine is like tea or tobacco juice-it is more brown than yellow. Dark yellow urine is just strong undiluted urine and a sign that you are not getting enough water. Be sure to try to drink at least 64 oz (or about 2 liters) of water a day. Coffee and tea dont count as fluid replacement because they pull off more fluid than they replace. Soda (or pop) is also not a good fluid source. Juice is better but water is really best.

Delila 9 Aug 2013

Great advice Dzoo

smileyhappy 8 Aug 2013

Hi Smartm,

Urine is always darker in the morning because it has been sitting in your bladder all night. You haven't diluted with drinking water and other things and urinating. I'm sure you are fine unless you are having problems with pain.

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Delila 8 Aug 2013

Hi, do you have any reason to believe there is a risk to your liver? Do you regularly consume alcohol or medication or have a history of liver problems? If so, please book a check up with your doctor. Otherwise, as the previous reply states, urine is more concentrated (yellow) in the mornings, so it could be nothing...

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BillytheKiD303 8 Aug 2013

Not likely, urine is always more yellow in the morning from sitting in your system all night, during the day your system is always flushing ( even a little ), if u worry of jaundice, have someone look for yellowish coloration in the whites of your eyes, even still if they are dont freak out, still might be ok, just have a physical. Or nurse or doc check

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