I have been given 100mg Trazadone to be taken at night for severe depression, dr is calling me next Monday to see how I'm getting on. The trouble I have since starting Trazadone is I have incontinence at night very embarrassing and making me very anxious as I just can't make it to loo in time, have to wash and change pjs, v occasionally this is happening during day and I hate it but need help for depression so staying with meds till conversation with dr.
PLEASE have any of you had this side effect? Forgot to mention previously I would get up 2 - 3 times to empty bladder, any advice or comments I would really appreciate, thank you.

I've had depression for many years also fibromyalgia it's now got to a stage that I don't go out as have no confidence, pain and MH issues plus much more in fact I don't have a life and very guilty as I've let my family down badly.

I keep trying to enter this question but come back saying it's too short, I don't know what else to do