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Is tramadol stronger than hydrocodone?


Mgmesa12 17 March 2017

I was switched to tramadol from oxycodone 5 in October by the v.a. pain Clinic because Michael Jackson over dosed and my pain is psychosymatic, my answer to this question is no !!! , oxycodone and the rest of the non tramadol meds work better. My pain has come back and worsened since the tramadol switch. Now I have incapacitating severe pain, and my pain is excruciating with the tramadol.

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DzooBaby 24 July 2013

It is kind of a matter of opinion. They are both Schedule III opioids so they have about the same abuse potential. Most people tend to think hydrocodone is the stronger of the two though.

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DzooBaby 24 July 2013

Now that I think on it tramadol may not be controlled.

kaismama 24 July 2013

Tired there dzoo?lolol No its not controlled, thank god or I'd not have anything for pain. I would say vicodin is stronger, but I'd never keep my eyes open with that.

DzooBaby 25 July 2013

yes, I thought about it afterwards and I was like... wait... I said that wrong! I think I have heard that is is controlled in some states but most sources say it is not controlled. It is really kind of silly because it is every bit as addictive and has potential for abuse as most Schedule III's even though it is not a true opioid. I remember when it first came out all the docs thought it wasnt addictive and wrote like crazy for the stuff then they realized it was actually addictive and could be abused so they backed off a bit and now there is a resurgence because Drs are under so much pressure to NOT write opioids but want to be able to give something for pain so Tramadol is getting used again and they are taking people off scheduled drugs and putting them on Tramadol. Rather oxymoronic in my opinion. I wish Drs would just get some balls and stand up to the pressure instead of backing down but I do understand most are not willing to lose everything trying to do it.


Thank God my pain doc still believes in giving opioids!! I had to search to find him and I dont know how long it will last but I am thankful!!

Chipmunck 23 Dec 2017

Can tramadol cause lightheadness

Chipmunck 23 Dec 2017

Can tramadol cause lightheadness is 50mg a lot of dosage to take free discount card

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