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Is Tramadol for pets the same as for humans?

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Kenneth Rakestraw 9 Sep 2019

Yes. The pills they drop on the floor go to the humans. Hey. We love our dogs.
Yes. Same chemical formula.

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Asnix 21 Mar 2018

My sister was prescribed Tramadol for chronic pain. When my chihuahua got hit by a truck and lost his leg, the veterinarian gave him the same thing and same dose. He's still alive and that's been 6 years.

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Mamaloveandpoppalove 3 Mar 2018

I don't know

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Gingergirl50 30 May 2017

My vet just perscribed tramadol for my Golden Retriever. It was $10 for 40 of them. You can't buy them at a pharmacy without a prescription. Tramadol is very dangerous drug. Only give to your dog if necessary. My Star is 15 so I'm giving her half of 50mg to start. Praying for all of your babies. If they have to be on this drug they must be in serious pain. God Bless

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TAC2018 6 Jan 2018

I just did hours of research and every website said the same thing regarding dosage... between .045mg and 1.8mg PER POUND of dogs weight !!! Every 6 to 12 hrs. Do the math with your dog's Weight and you will probably see you are giving the WRONG DOSE to your dog... for a TINY dog 50mg would be far too much and for a dog much larger, 50mg is way too little !
NOW... for the important part. I only read this on one website so I'm perusing more Info to back this up but it said tramadol for humans... Tramadol HCL has other I ingredients in it that are HARMFUL to your dog !!! It has a NASIAD or Tylenol in it which is very bad for dogs. Make absolutely certain the tramadol you give your dog does not have any other ingredient in it that will hurt your dog. Make sure your Vet knows this as some vets are pretty lame when it comes to Rx drugs.

audgirlnatown 21 Feb 2018

Tramadol or Ultram is just Tramadol. Ultracet is Tramadol an Tylenol. There is a Tramadol with Ibuprofen in it to.. So just look up which one you have. If it's just Ultram or Tramadol HCL its just Tramadol. But always check with pharmacists or Vet!

rainbowcirrus 31 Mar 2018

TAC2018 Stated "every website said the same thing regarding dosage... between .045mg and 1.8mg PER POUND of dogs weight !!! " Are you sure you don't mean .45mg not .045mg?? 1.8mg is 40 TIMES .045mg. That is a massive difference in dosage. Something doesn't sound right here.

MontanaMe 10 Feb 2019

I've taken Tramadol for years, there is NOT any sort of NSAID in it at all. Ultracet is Tramadol with Tylenol and it costs MUCH more than Tramadol which was why my doctor told me to just buy the Tylenol individually. When my dog was neutered a month ago he wasn't handling it well at all and the Vet wanted me to come down and get some Tramadol from him. I said, wait, is it just a normal 50mg tab like I take? He said it is exactly the same. I then said I can just give him some of mine since I don't take my full prescription. He told me to give 1/3 of a pill to him twice a day. He is only 10 lbs which seems not to fit in the guidelines people are posting. I do know, for sure though, that it is the same and that it doesn't contain Tylenol. I've been on it for 10 years now.

Sco1017 5 Apr 2017

Yes, both my dog and I have been prescribed tramadol at different times and the pills that the pharmacy dispensed were identical. Only difference was that my dogs dose was a half of a tablet instead of a whole tablet. I have no problems with you obtaining tramadol for yourself, but please don't use your dogs prescription for personal use. Vets only prescribe tramadol for dogs when they are in a great deal of pain(herniated discs in my dogs back). So please don't allow your dog to suffer because you want to take his/her meds instead of letting your dog have them. Hope this helps.

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wise101 6 Feb 2017

My reason for asking the same question is price comparison. My vet wants to prescribe my dog 60 Tramadol 50 mg. I haven't picked them up yet so don't know the price. My local pharmacy's price is $46.95 for 60. I believe my vet will be higher. So I would rather by them from the pharmacy I use for my medicine.

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Twarner584 6 Sep 2016

Domt know

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catsrus 29 Jul 2014

It's exactly the same there isn't, so far, a pet version of Tramadol. By the way... just for everyone's FYI... when testing a urine for drugs... Tramadol shows up "asTramadol"! I was shocked, it showed up in my urine screening and I have never taken it before. When I had my screening the "woman" who was supposed to take the sample out of the box in the bathroom of my Dr. Office was to busy flirting with one of the nice looking drug reps and when I put my sample in the box... there were 2 others already in there! So this was a blatant mistake on that "woman's" part, but since this is a pain clinic... they of course did not believe me at all... this time I got a warning! But when testing for Tramadol... it is superficially tested for & it is not the usual routine testing... this is a huge panel test that these clinics usually do once or twice a year!

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Delila 31 Jul 2014

Hi, that is terrible and totally incompetent!! So sorry you had to deal with that. I just want to second your reply, i used to be urine tested quite regularly and Tramadol always showed up (which was fine because i was prescribed it). It can stay in your system for a little while after you discontinue use

happybrandee 23 Jun 2013

Just a word of caution... if you want to talk your pet's tramadol, then go for it, but PLEASE DO NOT give your pet Tramadol, or ANY OTHER MEDICATION that is prescribed to you without asking your pet's vet first of the medication and the dosage is ok for your pet! Just because the same drug is prescribed for both humans and pets does not mean that they can take the same dose and some medications can be toxic to your pet at certain doses!! Always contact your pet's vet!

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ducky52577 11 Mar 2017

My little Layla was on Tramadol 9 milligram I was on 50 I ran out of her Tramadol so I asked the doctor if the Tramadol but I was taking his saying they said he has so I asked her if I can give her the same dosage of mine that she was taking as hers she said yeah I have a little Pomeranian Terrier and she took a fourth of a ,50mg pill so please make sure you talk to your vet before you give your pet any kinda of medicine the dosage is so different...

ducky52577 11 Mar 2017

Sorry I have a typo that was to say 50mg

Delila 23 Jun 2013

Hi, when i was working, the surgery i was with dispensed the same Tramadol to pets as you would dispense for humans. I didn't actually realise there was a pet version? Obviously the dosage would be much different. My dog was prescribed it when he was in pain from a gastric carcinoma.

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MacIntosh12 23 Jun 2013

Hi Delila,
My dogs dosage was the same as me, take one or two 50mg tablets every six hours! Can you believe it? I just laughed.

Delila 24 Jun 2013

What breed are your dogs? My dog was a staffie, and he was prescribed one 50mg tablet 3 times a day(?) i think?

MacIntosh12 24 Jun 2013

Mine is a wee beagle mutt, that I adore, of course!
A staffie, as in Staffordshire?

Delila 25 Jun 2013

Yes, sorry, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Oh my goodness, that is a huge dose for a small breed dog. Crazy!

MacIntosh12 25 Jun 2013

I thought the same thing, Delila, but she has cancer and was in a lot of pain.
Oddly enough the tumor has shrunk and she seems SO much better the last month or so, I'm thrilled! So is my dog.

I like your breed, a Staffordshire Bull dog, very English indeed Delila!

Delila 27 Jun 2013

That's great news! I hope her good health continues! : )

Chickpea16 26 Aug 2016

My vet prescribed 1/2 of a 50 mg tablet every 12 hours after her spaying. She is about 13 Lbs.

Rcisneros2000 3 May 2018

My sister works for a Veterinary clinic and I’ve asked a pharmacy staff and they both said it is the exact same for either humans or pets.

MacIntosh12 22 Jun 2013

Hi djwalk,
I can tell you this, my vet said it is pretty much the same. My dog was prescribed this, so was I but vet said I could give my dog my tablets if we ran out of her tablets, so I suppose the opposite goes as well, yet, I would think that the cleanliness (at manufacturing plant) of any veterinary medication would NOT be the same as for humans, so I'd be pretty leery of taking my dog's tablets

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MacIntosh12 22 Jun 2013

I must add this part, I would be remiss if I didn't... if you are just taking them to get a buzz going I must caution you, you raise your chance of having a seizure exponentially. Be careful!!

divah07 26 Sep 2014

A guy raised and fought pit bulls he put dog medicine in my drink , not only did I have seizures but I suffered subdural hematoma , license taken and all , people be careful

Gary622012 11 Oct 2014

divah07, I think I'd find a different round of friends for someone to do that to you! Depending on the strength, & your system or whatever else you might be taking for any condition, you could have died! Yes, people need to be very careful. If you have a drink, never let it out of your site even to go to the bathroom. My wife had this experience years & years ago. A gal bartender slipped LSD into her drink while making it just because she was with an old boyfriend of the bartenders. People can be crazy out there so PLEASE be careful...

giraffenut 18 Jan 2017

I am thinking you need a new friend. Fighting pit bulls is illegal, and cruel. It makes me sick. And someone putting some Tramadol in your drink, well that confirms that they are not very smart and without a moral compass.

giraffenut 18 Jan 2017

I am thinking you need a new friend. Fighting pit bulls is illegal, and cruel. It makes me sick. And someone putting some Tramadol in your drink, well that confirms that they are not very smart and without a moral compass.

GinaAmico 14 Mar 2017

I wouldn't have been around a man that abuses dogs. He needs to be put in prison forever.

MaryAnn53 21 Sep 2017

I can tell you that the manufacturer
of Animal drugs is as clean as the plants for human use.

Rcisneros2000 3 May 2018

Actually this drug is the exact same as prescribed for humans. You can take the Tramadol prescription for dogs to any pharmacy to fill for them. free discount card

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