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Does tramadol cause opiod induced constipation?

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Quad36 13 March 2020

Yes it will cause severe constipation, if you've had abdominal surgery it will cause strictures and adhesions very painful, isn't very effective for chronic pain either.

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Delila 23 June 2013

Hi, i'm interested to read this feed, i don't take Tramadol any more, but i suffered with constipation while taking it. But, i didn't eat much then. I didn't realise it was a common side effect.

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MacIntosh12 23 June 2013

I agree with jengre, yes indeed it can cause constipation.
Best wishes,

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ken31gin 23 June 2013

You are both so right. Although Tramadol is not a true narcotic it acts as a "booster" for narcotics, I can't think of the right word I'm looking for here but it does help narcotics work. And Metamucil works great, I take it every morning in my coffee. My doc said this is ok and ok to use it everyday. If a full dose is too much you can cut down and use less and it will still help with constipation. Hope this helps.

MacIntosh12 23 June 2013

Hi Gin,
Are you looking for this description, Tramadol is a synthetic opioid analgesic, even though doctors don't think it's a narcotic, it is described as narcotic like and can actually be a bit pernicious as it acts as an SNRI once it hits the brain, making it more addictive for some people than oxycodone. Sad, but true. And docs are handing it out right and left as if it's nothing, when I've seen and "talked to" hundreds of people that are horribly addicted to Tramadol or Ultram. (I'm not trying to be the least bit disrespectful Gin, just giving you my experience after being on this site for four years) I've seen too many posts about getting off of it. Wild stuff, yet it works for pain and depression, a doctor must taper her patients off of it just like a "true narcotic."
Hope I wasn't rude to you Gin!
Your friend,

eddieb123 24 June 2017

I have osteoarthritis and have been taking Vicodin at times for pain when needed 30 pills last me about 6 months, 1/4 or 1/2 only and it is the only thing that works and with all this talk about these pills, the doctor can only prescribe Tramadol and it doesn't work nearly as Vicodin, I need to take more... Because of people abusing, (kids) the person that needs it is suffering, not right for us that don't abuse... Some kid wants to get high, it doesn't get me high, it takes away the pain so I can sort of have a normal life . Something is wrong with this whole situation, I live in pain... EDDIE

jengre 22 June 2013

Yes it does. I take metamucil every night and sometimes morning if necessary. I don't have the problem anymore. If I miss a day it's ok, but try not to. It helps with other things as well so it's worth it.

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