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Is Tramadol HCI 50mg alright to take if it's expired ?

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Tommytucker 16 Feb 2023

Iv literally been taking 7 year old tramadol for the past 3 weeks works just fine, I can provide proof

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Lil777 10 Feb 2019

My cousin is a Medical Doctor, who told me, the only meds to throw away after expiration dates are antibiotics. The pharmaceutical companies are out to make money. So, there. Also, try to find ways to be healthy and/or get healthy.
We have a lot of knowledge with Internet access. A lot of diseases can be reversed and prevented with nutrition.

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Hammeroid 4 July 2017

I dont know

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IncredibleHulk 11 April 2017

I have tramadol that's almost 3 years old, But it is working great, So I'm guessing its okay to take it Right?

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westek12 28 Oct 2016

For 2 days now I have been suffering from an extremely painful toothache while waiting for antibiotics to take control of the infection. I am taking Tramadol that expired 2 years ago to control my pain. It has been stored for over 3 years at room temperature. It is relieving my pain beautifully without any side effects. I am uninsured and cannot afford medications nor a doctor's bill so I am very grateful that I kept the expired Tramadol for without it I would not able to function enough to write this testimony. If you are not poor and desperate and can afford the cost of acquiring fresh medication then I am very happy for you.

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kreidol 15 March 2017

Thank you for this. This is exactly what I wanted to know in response to this question, not a regurgitation of the documentation.

Lbarreiro 13 Aug 2017

I know this comment is 5 years old but I wanted to thank you. I have some tramadol that was expired 2 years ago but I needed something stronger than ibuprofen today so after reading your comment I gave one a try and it has relieved my pain perfectly!

HeadStarter 20 Aug 2012

Hi Kiene - You didn't mention by how much time it was expired or how it was being stored??? All of that matters as to the efficacy of any med - expired or not. You can surely ruin ANY med if it isn't stored properly... But my doctor told me that you can take meds, which have expired as long as they were stored properly and some even refrigerated to help beyond the expiration date. Now, if it is one year old or older - get rid of it. All medicines have a shelf life... every packaged med you get has a stamped expiration date on it these days. All prescription medication is assumed good for one year if stored away from heat, sunlight and moisture.


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Kiene 22 Aug 2012

Thank you so very much for the info. You seem to know what you're talking about. Because I talked to aour pharmacist on Monday & she told me the same thing that you did. Also I had them stored in a ziplock baggie in the bathroon closet (which stays the same temp all year round give or take a couple of degrees) and they are out dated by less then a year (year in Oct). So Thanks again for the heads up.


HeadStarter 23 Aug 2012

I am glad I could help you. I will say that I do not keep any meds in the bathroom. Moisture and humidity tend to run higher there. Ziplock bags or not... just not a good place to store anything. When I was on a lot of meds at one point... I kept them in a metal tool box with a padlock on it and in my bedroom. Just saying... my thyroid medications is compounded at it stays in the frig. Most of our meds we actually keep in the kitchen cabinets


mawork 23 Oct 2017

Actually the militaryhad a study done especially for them. There are a lot of drugs that keep their potency for 25 years or more. Do some research before you answer or use.

Delila 20 Aug 2012

Hi, i agree, they could make you ill, but more likely just won't 'work' as intended. Best not to take the risk : )

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kellyandtodd 19 Aug 2012

Hi, no you should not take any meds that's expired, some meds can contain bacteria after they expire but most of them lose there effectiveness! Hope this helps

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