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Is tramadol a controlled substance?

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9 Feb 2016

Yes, tramadol is clasified by the US DEA as a schedule IV controlled substance. There is an ongoing concern that tramadol (Ultram, Ultram ER, Ultracet, ConZip, Ryzolt, Rybix ODT), a narcotic-like pain reliever, is linked with drug abuse, addiction, and overdose. To address these concerns, in 2014 the DEA placed all forms of tramadol into schedule IV. Prior to this, tramadol was consider less risk and was only a controlled substance in a few states. Now, tramadol prescriptions may only be refilled up to 5 times in a 6 month period after the date the prescription was first written. After 5 refills or 6 months, whichever occurs first, a new prescription is required.

3 Nov 2012

Not federally yet, but it is in 2 states. One is Tenn. I'm not sure of the other one.

tazc23 3 Nov 2012


kaismama 3 Nov 2012


3 Nov 2012

Tramadol is not a federally controlled substance but some states have made it a Schedule IV. Be very careful though, it is addictive and has some strong withdrawal symptoms. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid, which means it has the structure of narcotics like hydrocodone or oxycodone without the strong euphoric effect.

It can cause euphoria if taken in high doses but high doses causes seizures. Also, please be VERY CAREFUL if you are taking any other anti-depressants like Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, Effexor or other SSRIs. These anti-depressants effect the level of Serotonin in the brain. Too much and it causes "Serotonin Syndrome", which can also cause seizures among other things.

Delila 4 Nov 2012

Great answer!

Delila 4 Nov 2012

Just wanted to add, that Tramadol isn't a controlled substance in the UK either. Many doctor are still very ignorant about the potential for abuse and addiction. However i am a 'member' of a 'Specialist drug & alcohol service' and Tramadol dependency/addiction is very common. The specialists are wising up about it and the doctor's that have come across it's 'problem's' are now becoming reluctant to prescribe it. I think that soon it may/should be a controlled substance.


4 Nov 2012

Hello toule france. No, its not but it should be. Its fast becoming one of the top recreational drugs. Regards pledge

sara12345 4 Nov 2012

I didn't know that. How terrible that the illegal users are putting the ones who truly suffer with pain at risk for getting this and other pain killers.

kaismama 4 Nov 2012

I don't know about you Sara, but heartily sick of people who abuse prescription drugs. We pay for that. Then the media vilifies the drug!!!

1 Aug 2013

Tramadol is not a federally controlled drug, however the following U.S. states have elected to make tramadol a schedule IV controlled drug: Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma and the U.S. military, with other states considering similar actions.

dhamm 6 Oct 2013

I dont belive ohio is on that list I have trouble filling my script in ky and in ohio they have no probs will even fill 5 days early.

evemarr 28 Aug 2014

add WA state to the list

2 Aug 2013

So ironic. I just had appt with pain doc this morning and had to have a urine test. They tell me they are checking my Morphine, Fentanyl, Gabapentin, and Xanax levels. They were marked in a certain section of the test paper I had to sign. I noticed that Tramadol IS listed on another part of the form, so, some docs are checking for it.

20 Sep 2013

Tramadol is a very low narcotic and in minnesota most people wouldnt take it if it was otc. Fact is lortabs or oxy is the prefered pain med here

20 Apr 2014

Tramadol or Ultram is considered a schedule IV drug in 10 states. It can be abused in high doses. I'm sure more states will follow in making tramadol a controlled substance.

23 Jul 2014

As of August 18, 2014, tramadol will be a Schedule IV Controlled drug.

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