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How does Tramadol affect older people with dementia?

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kaismama 9 Jan 2015

I don't think I ever used it with a patient with dementia, but like any other drug that effects the brain, it could go either way with dementia, it could help or it could really mess up their head. Dementia is such a terrible thing to deal with and drugs act on dementia patients differently then on anyone else, including other dementia patients.

Delila 10 Jan 2015

Hi, i found the following information that you may find helpful:
"As with many medications, Tramadol side effects may be magnified when the medicine is used in elderly patients. Of these tramadol side effects, mental confusion is often the most apparent. Elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may exhibit increased symptoms of confusion or agitation while taking tramadol.
The incidence of serious Tramadol side effects increases with the patient’s age; physicians and caregivers are encouraged to closely monitor elderly patients for these. Seizures are a very real concern for elderly patients taking tramadol for pain relief and the medication should be discontinued in this age group if this or any of the other tramadol side effects become a concern".

Shima3 21 May 2017

My mom who is 92 and has dementia for about 2 years was taking the tramadol for her back pain. The tramadol was prescribed by the doctor 4 days ago and to be taken twice a day. I gave it to her as prescribed for 2 days, but noticed it was making her jittery, so I went to once a day. The next two days she became more agitated and nervous and sleeping all day only to be up all night.
Finally at 5am this morning she was extremely confused not knowing where she was, turning all the lights on in the house and in the state of panic and tears. I removed this pain med from her meds this morning. We are done with Tramadol!!!

tessi010 21 Dec 2017

Although Your Post Is 2 Years old It Has Described My 91 Year Old Mom And The Side Effects Encountered. I know not cases are the same but the post really helped.

Momoftwo7 15 Jan 2018

Did you notice a difference after taking her off of it?

TatyanaB 1 Jul 2018

Tramadol was prescribed to my father, due to pain in the legs. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer 3 years ago. He got Tramadol for home care, and we gave him drops for two days.
First day reaction was his body shaking in time intervals. Next day, he got Tramadol after lunch and soon after he got hissing in lungs, then fever while seeming very "torpid", a little bit of temperature has rise, and he got pain, like convulsion in the tummy. All of these are side effects of Tramadol. We called emergency and he ended up in hospital. He was diagnosed with light pneumonia. The doctor who took care of him was very nice, she took time to learn about his illness and took care to talk with us. I have told her we gave Tramadol to our father for 2 days, and we have seen suspicious reactions, which are also mentioned in the Tramadol instructions and warnings. He stayed in hospital due to pneumonia , which started to heal few days after, no temperature on the rise and good apetite. free discount card

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