Hi friends,
My physician has given me a prescription for Topamax for weight loss support. This program will be supervised and I will see the Dr weekly. An EKG and blood work were required and all normal, however cholesterol and sugars were getting up there. My physician told me I'm not at risk for breast or lung cancer or lots of other diseases judging by my lifestyle and family history, but I am at risk for stroke or heart attack if I don't lose around 35-40 lbs.
I'm well aware that programs like Weight Watchers are successful and that patients don't keep weight off unless they change their eating habits, but I'm going to jump start my weight loss with the Topamax. I also take:
Clonazepam 0.5, Straterra, Viibryd and Diovan. I occasionally use a rescue and a maintenance asthma inhaler.
I'm hoping not to be lectured, but rather to hear about anyone's experience with Topamax for weight loss. I know it must have worked well as it is now FDA approved for that purpose.
Thank You! I value everyone on our site and appreciate your support.
4N Substances aka Frenchie