I've been on Topamax for Bipolar II for just over a month now. I've also been very sick with some form of pneumonia/bronchitis for nearly a month even after multiple rounds of different types of antibiotics and seeing multiple doctors. It seems like none of the doctors can figure it out. I'm a twenty-something female and I've never been this sick before. I have no history of allergies or asthma. Before getting sick I was an extremely active & healthy marathoner/triathlete/yoga enthusiast. The only common thread I can see at this point (although it seems far-fetched) is that I started 25mg Topamax just over a week before getting sick and started taking 50mg (my current dosage) around the time I got very sick. Has anyone experienced any similar respiratory symptoms on a similar dosage of Topamax? Could this be what's causing my respiratory issues?