Tooth out and taking Toradol- what with Suboxone?I had my tooth pulled today. It was one that had a part of it left from a crown/cap I lost a couple of months ago.

I decided to tell the dentist NOT to give me a script for narcotic painkillers but for Toradol, instead.

Does Suboxone interfere with Toradol like a Percocet would? Does anyone know if I need to NOT take my Suboxone while taking Toradol. The dentist never heard of Suboxone or Bupe. so he was no help.

I am proud of myself for making this decision! I just hope I don't regret it when I don't get the pain relief I need.
I just took my first 8mg. Suboxone around 20 minutes ago, so IF Toradol and Suboxone cannot be taken together, then I will have to wait several more hours before I take Toradol.

IF anyone knows anything about this, I really, really, need your help now!