Anyone had this problem or have any ideas to treat it? My inner 3 toes are clenched up 24/7. It hurts so badly that it makes it hard to sleep. It makes it difficult to walk. Also the clenching is so bad that my big toe constantly overlaps on top of the toe next to it. My leg is starting to hurt more as well, probably because of the strange walking and my whole leg is tensing up from the pain. It feels difficult to tolerate it.

Anyone know any remedies? My doctor didn't really know what to do, but sent me to physical therapy which the therapist wasn't sure she could fix it. The doctor also increased my Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant and gave me Lidoderm patches. Would a nerve block injection help it? It is on the same side as my stroke which was 5 years ago.

The toes have been bothering me for the past several weeks, but suddenly got really bad this week. No numbness or tingling. No, I have not injured my foot at all. So why does the doctor think I need x-rays? I've had way too much radiation. Thanks for any help.