I have only been taking escitalopram for one week, at 10mg. I have tried various other SSRI's over the years but I am very sensitive to medication and whilst I have stuck it out with others over a period of many months, I have never really found one that helps other than making me like a zombie, or have worsened anxiety.

I have never had such tiredness in the past, as I have with escitalopram. I could I suppose, reduce it to 5mg, but I have read such positive reviews of this medication. I was wondering if anyone who has found it amazing, had this extreme tiredness at the start. I sleep very well, and feel okay when I wake up, but a few hours later I become so exhausted and demotivated that I could close my eyes and sleep all day. I wouldn't feel safe to drive at the moment, due to this.

I really hope that this is only short lived, as a side effect. I'm usually a good energy person, and so this is not normal for me at all.