I recently stopped taking Wellbutrin 150mg SR and am experiencing depression symptoms, which I know is common side effect to stopping. My question is: I only took 1 dose of Wellbutrin for 3 days and stopped because I was experiencing more obsessive thoughts (I have OCD). Should I still taper off even though I only took it for 3 days at a low dose? My body is exquisitely sensitive to medication. I put in a call to my doctor, but it looks like he won't be getting back to me until Monday at the earliest. I've only missed 1 dose, and am experiencing a lot of depression, which I normally don't have. Is it better to wait a few days & see if the depression goes away, or should I take the Wellbutrin every other day & then every third day, & deal with the obsessive thoughts & anxiety? I just don't want my stopping suddenly to do any lasting damage. Thanks so much.