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When taking pristiq ...does it matter what time of day you take it. Ex. Morning or bedtime ?


LaurieShay 30 Jan 2015

I always took my Pristiq in the morning so there was no chance of insomnia. If it makes you sleepy though, taking at night might be better. Really depends on how your body responds to this med. It is slow release formula so once you are on a schedule of taking it at the same time every day, your blood levels will remain consistent throughout the 24 hour period.

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Lively1 30 Jan 2015

I was taking 50 mg and the Dr doubled the dose this week. I have been taking it in the morning , but since the dose change I can't stay awake in the late afternoon or in the evening !

LaurieShay 30 Jan 2015

If it were me, I would stick with the morning dosing. Otherwise, you run the risk of insomnia at night and then being tired in the morning. Give your body a week to adjust and you'll probably be ok. free discount card

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