I am a recovering addict. I have four years of sobriety in and getting my doctor to prescribe me something or my ADD was very difficult. But, I was finally able to prove myself. So he started me on vyvanse 30mg for 5 days then upped to 50mg. For the first couple days I was euphoric and talkative, and wasn't able to sleep. Then it seemed to wear off. Now I have been on the 50's for about a week, and I take them at 11am sleep till 2pm. And they can keep me a little more focused on things than I was before. But I am going to bed by 9-10pm. I can feel them wearing off by 5-6pm. Should I give them more time, or go to a higher dose, or try something else? I originally started them because I have ADD I am not hyper at all, I have Chronic fatigue disorder, so I am tired all day. A stimulant was supposed to wake me up, and help me concentrate. Any suggestions would be great!