Severe severe insomnia . Chronic depression and I can't sleep . Nothing knocks be out except 3 Benadryl and that even takes a while . And I wake up hungover and feel like I took 30 Benadryl... I was prescribed Ambien today ... started having anxiety about it not working around 8pm ... so I took the recommended dosage of 1 tablet . Two how's later still can't even yawn ... I took another one . I have a high tolerance for these medicines . I'm currently watching my 2nd lifetime movie wide eyed with brain being very active ... not in the least bit tired ... somebody help !!! Should I take another Ambien . The thought of having another night with no sleep is making me have panic attacks . I am on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist so my primary care physician is throwing medication at me left and right ... I need some advice from people who actually struggle with the same issues I have.