I've been going through a tough time since graduating, and my doctor has determined that my Zoloft 200mg a day had "pooped out." I've had severe OCD for a very long time! I have been on this medication for almost 9 years, with increases every few years. My doctor has decided to switch me to Prozac, 20 mg to start. In order to properly start, he told me to take 50 mg less of Zoloft a week, until I'm off completely. Well, 6 days ago I started tapering off my Zoloft, and taking the 20mg of the Prozac. I've been fine until last night when I got suddenly very dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. This morning was not much better, and I still feel as dizzy as I did before, if not worse. I am just wondering if this is common with tapering off the Zoloft. Instead of taking 150 today, I only took 100, along with the Prozac. Is this normal to feel this way? I am so dizzy and my head almost feels heavy. I am nervous I will die or something in my sleep due to this. Any advice?