My question is to others who have had problems with swelling and stiffness in their hand after rotator cuff surgery. I'm 7 weeks post-op from rotator cuff surgery (shoulder "reconstruction" - human graft and 7 large anchor screws - to repair a large hole where the tendon should be) and I am curious as to whether anyone whose been through this can tell me "when" their pain, swelling and stiffness finally subsided in their hand? My wrist, hand and fingers continue to swell and now hurt so bad that I can't sleep at night and my fingers are so swollen they feel like they're going to pop. They began to swell around 2 weeks post-op and have progressively gotten worse. I noticed no one as far as 4 months post-op has complained. Does that mean it starts to improve after several months? I'm trying to be patient, but its hard when your hand is in so much pain you can't even sleep at night. And its my "right" hand, at that! A week after surgery I was able to cut with a knife, squeeze a ball or write out my checks (when paying bills). But now I can't even hold a pen, let alone squeeze anything or make a fist. My fingers are so swollen they can't bend! My shoulder seems to be healing nicely. But I do have neck issues, too, so I'm wondering if that's contributing to the swelling or if the hand swelling is just from the fluid from the surgery. Don't know if the exercises are helping or irritating it. Tried elevating it, icing it, soaking in epsom salt baths, etc. But nothing seems to help. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. But mostly I'd love to hear from someone whose actually experienced this and has recovered from it, as I'm dying to know "how long" it took for the swelling to go down and what they found helped reduce the swelling - or was it just "time"?