I had right shoulder surgery (by scope) that included repair of the supraspinatus (95%) and work on the acrimon and clavicle to relieve impingement problems. About two and half weeks later, I woke up one morning to find the back of my right hand highly swollen. The doctor's explanation is that it's due to gravity, i.e., swelling moving down from the shoulder. While shoulder rehab has gone very well - I'm weeks ahead of the average customer - it's now a full month and the swelling has not diminished at all. Up to the time it started, I could grip with my right hand and use it carefully (in the sling) for a number of things, including cutting cheese. Since then, I can barely curl my fingers to top of palm level and generally use it only for "gross" actions and fingertip ones like typing. There is no reason, either by cause or pain, to believe that it's broken, and I'm not interested in palliatives (tight gloves, etc.) but rather getting a sense of how long this will likely continue. Thanks,