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I have been on 100mg of Wellbutrin daily for 5 days and I am like a walking zombie?

Will this get better ? Doctor said to take it for 4 to 5 weeks to feel full effect . I switched to this drug for the energy and weight loss and depression ... Once it's in full effect will the drowsiness go away and be energy ? Is this normal ?

Has anyone else had short term memory loss from seroquel or a zombie like feeling?

Ive been taking seroquel for a while now for my major depression. I take 150mg aswell, but in the morning untill late afternoon i cannot think what so ever and its really hard to just even remember anything. I tried 75 mg the other day and my memory improved a little but my mood didnt. Just asking... read more

How many years can you stay on Effexor. I have been on it for nine years and I'm worried to get off?

I have heard of all the bad side effects you feel when you try to get off even if you do it gradually under a doctors care. I am on three hundred milligrams per day and I feel like a zombie. I have no energy and I have ringing in my ears

Lexapro withdrawal symptoms after 2 months of use?

I've been taking Lexapro for 2 months for panic attacks and because of the side effects I decided to stop it.It made me feel like a walking zombie and now, 1 month after use I'm having withdrawal symptoms that are so hard to cope with. Derealisation/depersonalization is the most... read more

8 days on Celexa feel So Tired! Zombie?

Hello I just started Celexa eight days ago. I'm taking it for horrible anxiety at 20 MG. I've been taking it in the morning and for some reason today when I took it I could not get off the couch and I have been feeling like a zombie all day.. I took it I could not get off the couch and I... read more

Switching from Paxil to Wellbutrin?

I have been on Paxil for about 3 months to treat anxiety, depression, PMDD, and SAD. It has helped to some extent, but it makes me feel like a zombie. I changed to taking it at night which made me less sleepy, but my lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and passion due to feeling zombie-like is just as... read more

Remicade - Had 2nd infusion 4 days ago. Feel so tired and not in my right frame of mind. So out of?

... it. Anyone have this problem? I feel like a zombie.

Does Viibryd cause heart palpitations?

I have been suffering with anxiety for several months now. I have tried Zoloft made me feel like a zombie. Lexapro worked but caused insomnia. Tried Buspar but caused insomnia. Tried Wellbutrin but gave me the nervous energy on edge feeling. Been prescribed viibryd started at 10mg. The first 4 days... read more

Skeptical user on starting Cymbalta?

I have tried 6 different antidepressants in the last 3 years and none worked. Some just did nothing, some put me in zombie mode and some made me feel as if I had drank 10 expresso’s. For 6 months I have not taken anything , but depression and anxiety has gotten to a all time high, so I knew I... read more

What are everyone's experiences taking Seroquel for sleep?

Just wondering of any side effects users have experienced when taking Seroquel as a sleep aid. When you wake up in the morning do you feel like a zombie?

Trintellix - what time of day works best?

Trying to fight awful fatigue. Was taking Trintellix in late afternoon but zombie all day long. When is best time to take it so I have energy. Feel like my life is on hold. Ready to feel better. On week 2

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