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Xifaxan Questions

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Xifaxan - Why is this drug so expensive?

My sister takes this drug for encephalopathy caused by cirrhosis to her liver during cancer radiation treatment. She is on disability currently and her copay each month runs approximately $405 per month, now considered a tier-5 drug?

Is it OK to crush a 550mg Xifaxan tablet for someone who cannot swallow any pills?

My daughter has been prescribed 55mg Xifaxan, but cannot swallow pills. Is it OK to crush the tablets and take it with food such as apple sauce?

Taking Xifaxan with Align probiotic?

I am taking Align Provo and just got prescribed Xifaxan. Since Align is a probiotic and Xifaxan is an antibiotic does this cancel each other’s effectiveness? Thanks

When taking Xifaxan 550 can it cause a yeast infection in females?

I have been taking Xifaxan 550 for about 4weeks now. An now I haves yeast infection. Is it possible that the drug has caused the infection.

I have cirrhosis of the liver. Can I take gabapentin?

I have been taking xifaxan for about 2 1/2 years. My insurance has recently changed and they will no longer cover my xifaxan. One of the side affects is that I have been itching from head to toe.

Can I take probiotics while taking Xifaxan in order to not have diarrhea or be susceptible to...

... other infections while I am going through the 2 week course?

When should I take Xifaxan 550mg tablets?

I'm supposed to take one tablet three times a day so how many hours should I wait before taking the next dose?

How long does Xifaxan 550 mg stay in your system?

Xifaxan - can you eat yogurt with probiotics in it while on this Rx?

I am wondering if the yogurt with probiotics will counteract the what the purpose of the medication is suppose to do.

Xifaxan - just started today! anyone have ibs with constipation and severe bloating and dissension?

My problem is IBS with pain, bloating, severe distension end of day. Can hardly wear clothes sometimes because of it. Also some constipation. At wits end have tried just about every IBS drug known to man!!! Anyone have similar symptoms?

Xifaxan - Can I take Xifaxin indefinitely?

Before seeing Xifaxin advertised on TV, I sat my husband down and told him I did not want to hurt myself, but if someone didn't help me, I was going to end my life. Then I saw Xifaxin and had my doctor put me on it. Now, however, she said my symptoms should be gone. I still have bad bouts but... read more

Can Xifaxan be used for H. Pylori infections?

My GI doctor prescribed this for 10days rather that the recommended 3 day course indicated for Travelers Diarrhea caused by E-Coli- is that normal?

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