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Just got switched from Adderall to Vyvanse?

Posted 28 Jan 2014 by K-Lab 7 answers

I was taking 60 mg IR of Adderall per day, but that just wasn't cutting it. What needed to be done was upping my dose to 90 mg. My doctor doesn't like to go above 60 mg so we decided on something else. He started me on 80 mg Vyvanse per day with 20 mg IR Adderall as a PRN. I've never ...

On a drug urine test will vyvanse show positive for amphetamines?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by spinafer 3 answers

iam prescribed vyvanse iam in drug court and they do drug test and i was wondering if vyvanse will show up positive for amphetamine or is it not in that class

Adderall vs Vyvanse - What's the difference between them?

Posted 3 Mar 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Has anyone used Vyvanse for Binge Eating Disorder?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 by daniche 54 answers

I was just prescribed 30 mg of Vyvanse for binge eating disorder, hoping this will work. I haven't taken it yet, as my pharmacy needs a day to fill the script since they were out of it... but was just wondering if anyone had any advice, comments, experiences, etc. Thanks

Vyvanse - Should you take Vyvanese before or after breakfast?

Posted 7 Apr 2011 by missesfortune 4 answers

I am a 23 year old female, just starting Vyvanse. Adderall worked for a little but then my body got used to it. Now I am on Vyvanse, and would like to know if it works better on an empty stomach, or full stomach.

How long does Vyvanse stay in your system?

Posted 2 Apr 2013 6 answers

I took a 70mg Vyvanse on Saturday and have a pee test on Tuesday (tomorrow). I am very thin and have drunk a lot of water and peed a lot? Is there any way I'm gonna pass this UA???

How many mg of vyvanse equals 30mg adderall xr?

Posted 6 Dec 2013 by jdc3160 1 answer

I was taking 30 mg adderall xr I am switching to vyvanse so I'm trying to figure out the comparable dose

Is adderall 20mg stronger than vyvanse 50mg?

Posted 13 Nov 2011 by Jefer27 2 answers

Is 0.25 to 0.5 mg of Klonopin a day enough to have an effect?

Posted 1 Dec 2009 by yesdnil 9 answers

I have been taking Klonopin since the end of August. I started out taking .25 mg, (cutting a .5 mg pill in half) and the first few days I noticed a big difference in my anxiety level. I kept taking .25 mg for the next few months, sometimes I would take the other half if I kept having really bad ...

Vyvanse - How fast does your tolerance build up, how do you recognize the signs & cope with it?

Posted 27 Nov 2012 by Zombievickers 5 answers

In september my doctor prescribed Vyvanse for my add and i started treatment at 30mg. The next week, she increased my dosage to 40mg and I stayed at that dosage until the end of october when i then went up to 60mg. The jump from 40mg to 60mg seemed to do the trick, my focus and energy were amazing, ...

How long does a 70mg vyvanse stay in your system?

Posted 26 Nov 2011 by joblow3 1 answer

How many days should i wait before taking a drug test?

My son is on vyvance and can not sleep!?

Posted 10 Jan 2012 by Nichole03 5 answers

He started taking it in october and he is on 20mg. About 6 days ago he started having major problems sleeping!! Has anyone else had this problem that far along in treatment? Please help.

Should vyvanse and xanax be prescribed to the same person?

Posted 11 Mar 2010 by jamntony 5 answers

I have a history of anxiety disorder. I have been off of xanax for about a year. I asked to be taken off of xanax to see if I could do without them. I have to admit I would not recommend anyone with an abxiety disorder do this. I have been on vyvanse for 18 months. I have returned to school and I ...

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